Forest trees

Wooden Forest Tree Toys for Creative Play

Let your kids not just play with a wooden tree but also express their imagination and create a whole new colorful world. We offer an array of handcrafted forest trees made of high-quality materials. They are designed in a unique way to combine learning parts in the form of a puzzle. It ensures a comprehensive learning and playing process.

On the one hand, your children can learn about various types of trees that grow in the forest. On the other hand, they can put all elements together developing their gross motor skills and tactile senses. Each wooden tree boasts an exclusive nursery decor, colorful parts, and additional elements depicting animals or other plants that refer to a particular type of a tree.

Painted Waldorf Toys for Kids

Either you want to create a natural table with your kids or buy a full wooden tree set; our website is certainly the right place to visit. Here we have a selection of colored Waldorf toys depicting forest trees designed in the form of a puzzle.

You can choose from oak and maple wooden trees, figurines with squirrels, woodpeckers, birds, nests, and other elements for the most imaginative gaming process. They can be bought separately. At the same time, you can benefit from our forest tree wooden sets:

-          Season Tree Set – a great addition to your kids’ natural table. The set introduces Waldorf toys that refer to various seasons. All figurines are painted with different colors that refer to a particular season.

-          Woodland Tree Set – A great way for kids to learn different types of trees that may grow in the forest. The set includes 14 different wooden figurines with different shapes and colors.

-          Waldorf Tree Set Puzzles – a set consists of 5 different figurines that contain additional elements such as birds, animals, insects etc.

The Benefits of Waldorf Toys

Playing Waldorf toys boosts the learning process turning the education into an imaginative gaming session. They were designed to teach children to use their imagination and creativity. Despite the fact they look simpler if compared to traditional puzzles, they are made of natural materials and colors that help kids to feel the sense of life.

Visit to buy our award-winning wooden trees of high quality!

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Showing 1 - 18 of 26 items