Farm trees

Wooden Waldorf Farm Trees

Welcome to our wooden farm trees category. It introduces learning Waldorf toys made of natural wood. These colorful wooden figurines are designed in the form of a puzzle to make each gaming session both engaging and educational. Our Waldorf farm trees ensure imaginative gaming and let your kids develop their creativity.

Farm trees are good for the learning process. Parents can show different types of trees that grow on the farm and can be used for domestic needs. Colored apple, pear, plum trees and other types of trees come with additional elements like insects, animals or other objects that may be found on farm trees in real life.

Creative Gaming with Wooden Farm Trees

Parents may turn into the play writers when it comes to playing with farm trees. Create your own screenplay and introduce different natural processes. Our colored figurines will explain trees in blossom as well as other natural processes:

-          Wooden Trees with Bee and Hive – Create an astonishing natural table explain the role of bees, the way they interact with flora and where they live.

-          Wooden Apple Trees – The puzzle consists of 5 different pieces that develop kids’ gross motor skills and tactile senses.

Our farm trees are a good choice for parents who want to ensure an involving gaming process and education for their kids. Waldorf puzzle trees have proved to be very useful when developing children’s eyesight, measurement skills as well as a sense of space. They are good for training patience and coordination as well.

Made of high-quality materials they are colored with non-toxic paint to ensure your kids’ safety. You may feel 100% safe when opting for wooden figurines presented at!

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items