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Lovingly Designed Wooden Tree Toys

Benefit from colorful toy wooden trees designed for safety and entertainment. Our digital shop offers a variety of long-lasting educational wooden toys boasting increased durability. They will last for years delivering tons of fun to your kids in order to become toy box treasures when your children will grow up.

The main benefit of our painted little tree natural wood learning toys is the fact they are designed in the form of a puzzle. Your kids can put all the parts together while learning the parts that the tree consists of. Such toys are good for developing gross motor skills.

They will certainly let you generate many different playing and educational ideas to combine entertainment with an exploration of the surrounding world. Our wooden tree sets are divided into two major categories introducing different types of trees depending on the area they grow. It will be easier for you to explain the difference between different trees. Introduce various different seasons when they grow or are in blossom.

Creative Handcrafted Wooden Tree Ideas

It does not matter either you need a couple of wooden tree figurines to complete your children’s natural table or look for a full set representing different types of trees, you can benefit from:

-          Farm Trees category introducing domestic plants and trees that let us enjoy juicy fruits every summer. Here you will find charming colored apple trees as well as a wooden figurine with a bee and beehive. Parents can explain the process of tree blossoming and well as the role of bees.

-          Forest Trees is a wider category with various different sets to choose from. Here we have trees with different animals that can inhabit forests such as woodpeckers, squirrels, and birds as well as sets of the season and woodland trees.

Our colorful little wooden trees are very engaging. They are both entertaining and interesting to explore. You will hardly think of a better way to introduce the world of flora and fauna to your kids.

Tips to Play with Toy Wooden Trees

It does not matter if you want to implement a Waldorf-like educational methodology or simply look for a set of colorful toys for your kids; our tree sets are good for knowledge and fun. Here is what you can do:

  1.        Use our colorful trees to create a table nature junior school project.
  2.        Introduce different types of trees depending on the area where they grow.
  3.        Explain that trees can be the homes for some forest animals.
  4.        Introduce trees by seasons and associate them with a particular color, for example, fall is orange, summer is green, winter is white, etc.

As our toys come in various shapes and sizes, they ensure a great tactile and sensory experience. They are pleasant to hold and play with.

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