Tree toys

Wooden tree toys

Whether you are looking for a couple of wooden tree toys to complete your nature table or you want to buy a wholesale set of wooden trees for your kindergarten class, you can find all of these fixtures and much more in our store.

All products are made from natural wood with the sharp edges sanded numerous times to make them completely safe for little fingers. The paints and ink that we use are completely non-toxic. 

How you can use Waldorf trees?

If you are trying to discover Waldorf methodologies or just want some cool-looking trees for your kid’s play-world, these tree handicrafts are what you need.

You can find wooden trees toys of various shapes, colors and sizes.

The Waldorf-inspired play can significantly contribute to the development of various skills that your kid needs to be successful down the road, such as contemplation, empathy and love for nature.

Conservation and adoration with the nature are at the foundation of the Waldorf methodology.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

Tree toys


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