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Incredible Wooden Ocean Animals Toy Collection

Does your kid express pure interest in ocean flora and fauna? Are you planning to bring up another dedicated Kusto in your family? Do your children adore watching Shark Tale or The Little Mermaid? Then our collection of wooden sea animals is what you need!

We have an array of wooden sea creatures that represent different animals right from the bottom of the sea. Gently handcrafted, they look like real-to-life animals while some products are colored in a funnier and more entertaining manner.  In other words, this particular section delivers everything your children might want to play and learn without diving deep into the ocean.

Educational Wooden Ocean Animals

Painted plastic toys will always fail to deliver the same tactile and gaming experience. Our amazing wooden toys are the best way for your kids to play and learn. On the one hand, wooden figurines help to develop imagination. On the other hand, they are totally safe with no small parts that a baby can swallow.

Carved from 100% organic wood, the selection of figurines looks very impressive. The entire set consists of 13 different figurines representing species that hide deep under the sea. Here you can find:

-          Wooden shark toy to play some scenarios from the Shark Tale cartoon.

-          Toy jellyfish that has just arrived from Bikini Bottom where Sponge Bob lives.

-          Wooden seahorse toy – a character from multiple movies.

The rest of the toys from the section include a sea turtle, starfish, dolphin, octopus, and other different creatures from the bottom of the ocean. You can either buy separate toys whenever you need them or purchase the entire set with all ocean animals. Here we also have reef puzzle toys and more options to play with.

Buy Wooden Ocean Figurines Online comes as a single-click purchasing solution whenever you need to buy wooden toys online. We guarantee a risk-free purchasing process. All toys are certified as well as the materials we use for their production. They meet all required toy safety standards.

Try any of our wooden figurines and buy them online effortlessly!



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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items