Nordic/Arctic animal toys

Explore the World of Arctic & Antarctic Animals with Your Kids

The world has so many great things to see and hear. The exploration process can turn into a gaming session thanks to our wooden playsets. offers a range of Waldorf toys making it easy for parents and their children explore the most faraway parts of our planet.

Arctic animal figurines depict rare animals that can be only met in the South and the North Pole. You will hardly have a chance to visit those places in real life. However, it will be a good idea to create a themed natural table using our wooden arctic animal toys. They proved to be very helpful for kids when learning about different animals and plants as well as interact with objects of different shapes and colors.

100% Natural Arctic Animals Playset

The section depicts different animals not only from the North Pole. Here you can find some Nordic species that can be met in the forests of Siberia and other parts of the planet. A good idea is to sort them out by regions and tell more about the particular country of place.

Check our collection of wooden toys with the following items:

-          Wooden Polar Bear and Seal Toys – kids love those animals. Let them find out more about those charming creatures.

-          Wooden Arctic Fox and Penguin Figurines – tell your children about the way animals change their color or learn to swim.

-          Wooden Snow Owl and Lynx Toys – discuss different types of owls and explain the difference between predators and herbivores.

The collection also depicts some rare Nordic creatures including narwhal, beluga, puffin, and others. Our visitors are free to buy each figurine separately to conduct a unique nature table or gaming session. If you want to have all of the 11 arctic wooden toys, you can buy a set with all animal toys at once. Go to and make your choice!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items