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Legendary creatures Wooden Toys

The world still keeps so many secrets and mysteries we are to explore. And there is always time for a good old fairy-tale about the princess and dragon, courageous knights, wizards and witches, sacred forests full of amazing creatures, and more. Fairytales teach us to use our imagination and believe in wonders. They are perfect for a proper upbringing as well showing the difference between good and bad things. This is where our Fairy Creatures wooden toy set might be helpful as well.

We have designed our mysterious animals to serve both entertaining and educational goals. First of all, our toys are made of 100% natural materials. We use solid wood to ensure pleasant tactile experience in addition to toys’ durability. They will last for many years and eventually become essential parts of your kids’ toy collection.

At the same time, our colorful wooden toy sets will let your children express their imagination with no limits. You may create a fairytale of your own and make up your own characters using our wooden figurines. Bring your kids to a new amazing fantasy world!

Types of Wooden Legendary creatures

We have recently introduced this toy set. It is relatively new. This is why it currently contains only three major wooden figurines. However, we are planning to expand it in the nearest future offering other wondrous animals from different popular fairytales. The available toys include:

- Red wooden toy dragon – It looks great with non-toxic paint making it look like from the cartoon.

- Wooden toy Nessie figuring – a great opportunity to introduce some of the popular myths about the notorious Loch Ness Monster.

- Blue wooden toy dragon – another award-winning figurine from the dragon series colored blue.

How to Play with Wooden Legendary creatures Toys

You may think of any scenario for the entertaining process. Whether it is going to be good fighting against evil or a journey to the center of the Earth, we guarantee tons of fun. Educational wooden toys do not contain any toxic material. They are absolutely safe and meet the highest safety standards.

Feel free to make up your own story and let kids play with its characters. Or you may tell your kids the myths about the places where dragons originated from. Parents may link them to prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs to make the gaming process even more engaging.

Visit Woodencaterpillar.com to find some of our wooden toy collections and sets!

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