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Forest animal toys

If you fish for some unusual toys for your kid, forest animal toys are a right way to go. They will help your child get to know wild life from the very early age.

Made from tough natural woods and covered with non-toxic paint, our wooden handicrafts never splinter or deform in any way. They are suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Why should you consider wooden forest animal toys?

  • Your kid will learn more about wildlife, which is very rare to come across in real life.
  • Bright and eye-catching colors will draw his or her attention, helping to differentiate between colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Wild animal toys, wooden and oiled up with linseed oil or covered with non-toxic ink,help learn numbers and maths in a fun and engaging way at a very early age.
  • All toys are made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.
  • When your baby plays with such a toy, wild animals help him or her improve fine motor skills and finger flexibility.

Woodland toys help enlarge horizon and see beauty of nature

Woodland toys, such as foxes, wolves, squirrels and many-many other thrilling animals, are hard to come across in real life. They inspire imagination and awe with wild life, bringing something new in a city-dwelling life style that many of us have.

Wooden toys are so unique that your child will love them much-much more than plastics mass-produced counterparts that has no “soul” or “hand-madedness”.

When I was around seven, I came across a deer in the forest. That was such a genuinely exciting experience that I would remember it forever.

Bring life to your child’s fascination with nature and forest animals.

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Forest/Wild animals


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