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Toy Wooden Farm Animals at Your Home

Bring your kids’ idea to life and build a true-to-life farm right at your apartment or house! Do you think it sounds impossible? Simply visit our wooden farm animals section and benefit from huge wood farm toy sets as well as separate figurines to introduce them to your children one by one.

Giving a new lease of life to your children activities and games has never been easier before! Do they love watching cartoons about domestic animals? Would you like them to know what sounds a cow or a hen produce? Then our wooden farm animals for toddlers is right for you. Benefit from our ultimate handcrafted collection of animal toys including all of your kids’ favorites.

What Animals Can I Get with the Wood Farm Collection?

You are free to buy the entire farm at once featuring 13 different wooden animal toys. You can also buy them separately and introduce one by one to your children. It will make them wait with anticipation for another wooden animal to arrive.

The toy set consists of 13 wooden figurines including the following:

-          Turn your gaming session into the hilarious oinking with a wooden toy pig

-          Introduce the sound Baa to your kids produced by a sheep figurines

-          Play a part from the Grimm Brothers fairy tale and show the partnership between cat, dog, and mouse wooden animals.

-          Pick a donkey, horse and hen to recreate some of the brightest moments from the Town Musicians of Bremen.

Play our wooden animal toys with no limits. Let you children express their imagination and have tons of fun. Get these amazing set at the most reasonable prices. All toys are colored with non-toxic paints. They are 100% safe to play with.

Buy Small Wooden Farm Animals at

Let your kids learn different animal sounds as well as the role of the domestic animals in everyday life. Learning toys train children to love flora and fauna. Designed in a very funny and colorful manner, our animals will deliver tons of fun and entertainment through the education process. Go online to visit and get yourself a farm set with several clicks!

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items