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Open Kids’ Horizon with Our Exotic Animals Wooden Toys

Modern generations are strongly influenced by modern lifestyle trends and technologies. They can hardly imagine their lives away from metropolises somewhere in the wild. It results in the lack of knowledge about some exotic parts of the world as well as their inhabitants. We decided to improve the situation with our wooden animal toys and take you on the exciting adventure somewhere deep in Amazonian jungles or Indonesian rainforests.

This section introduces various wooden exotic animals that represent different countries and continents. Do not miss your chance to travel with your kids to Australia to meet sloths and anteaters or reach the heart of Amazonian forest to explore scorpions, iguanas as well as other exotic creatures.

Exciting Journey with Wooden Figurines

Travel to the most faraway places without leaving your apartment. Our wooden toys reserve much space for your imagination. Conduct an engaging and educational gaming session for your children letting them pretend they are explorers. Tell them about great discoverers from the past as well as rare and exotic animal species that can be met only in particular parts of the world.

Each figurine is made of high-quality material and painted with non-toxic paint. They are designed in a very funny and user-friendly manner. They will never scare your kids away. Feel free to create your own exclusive set of animals from different continents or species from a single region to explore.

Comprehensive Education and Entertainment

Our toys are designed for both fun and learning process. Apart from great gaming functionality, wooden figurines will create strong knowledge feedback for your children. It is not just about learning the names of the animals but also about finding out more about the environment they live in, evolution, special skills, etc.

You can divide each animal by species to let your kids sort them out by groups as well as learn more about the key features of a particular species. Woodencaterpillar.com brings endless gaming and education opportunities!

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items