Exotic animals

Wooden toy jungle animals

If your child lives in a city, our wooden toy jungle animals can become a great tool to open up his horizons and help him learn about completely different places, like jungles and safari.

All our toys are made of tough woods, preventing any deformation or splinters. Whenever any ink or paint is used, it is always completely non-toxic.

High durability and elegant look of these handicrafts will surely make you love them.

Exotic animal toys

These toys are a perfect choice to strike scientific curiosity and imaginative drive in your baby. The best way to learn something is through play. Our wooden jungle animal toys will help your child learn more about nature and conservation, while giving them many hours of fun and imaginative play.

The handicrafts are large and easy to clasp for the little finders. All edges are sanded by hand, making sure that there are no sharp places left.

Younger children must have already seen these animals on TV and in the Zoo and will know what sounds they make. Mimicking their sounds will help train their vocal skills and prepare your kid to form his or her first words.

For later ages, you can tell stories about these animals and help develop communicative skills, such storytelling and turn-talking skills. 


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Showing 1 - 9 of 12 items

Exotic animals


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