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Wooden Dinosaur Figures for Kids

Welcome to one of our most exotic and amazing sections introducing wooden toy dinosaurs. Your kids will love playing with any of our ten colored wooden dinosaurs as well as with the entire set of chunky dinosaur figurines.

Get your children ready for open-ended entertainment with our durable and long-lasting toys made of natural wood. Painted from both sides, they will ensure hours of play. Our dinosaur wood model kits look more real-to-life if compared with their plastic alternatives. Moreover, they are more eco-friendly and useful in terms of the learning process.

Why Opt for Wooden Dinosaur Model Kits?

First of all, they are extremely fun to play with. Choose from 10 of different dinosaur toys and create your own prehistoric world right at home. Secondly, our educational toys help children to learn more about the world and creatures that surround us. You can:

-          Introduce your kids to different types of prehistoric animals.

-          Let them express their imagination and creativity.

-          Sort out toys by categories, for example, flying or swimming dinosaurs.

-          Divide all toys by periods they represent (for maximum educational involvement).

Buy the entire wooden dinosaur set and create your own Jurassic park at home!

Woodcraft Toys at Affordable Price

Our colorful dinosaur toys with wood grain edge will make your kids happy. They look very real-to-life featuring non-toxic paint and realistic shapes. Place our order with just a click and get:

-          Professionally designed and painted dinosaur toys.

-          Gaming kits made of eco-friendly wood.

-          Up to 10 prehistoric creatures representing different periods.

-          Toy sets perfect for story stacks as well as small world plays.

Choose from mammoth, pterodactyl, T-Rex, Stegosaurus and other creatures that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. Who knows, your kid might become a successful paleontologist in future.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items