Wooden Birds and Toy Figurines

Set up your own amazing sanctuary of birds introducing our essential collection of wooden bird toys to your kids! Here we have some of the rarest species representing different parts of the world. Let your children play with colored and non-toxic wooden bird figurines and explore the rich world of fauna. Made of high-quality 100% natural materials, our toys will make it possible to set up for an overwhelming adventure to the faraway places of the unknown planet and meet some of its brightest inhabitants. offers an array of educational wooden toys made of high-quality wood. They refer to real bird species and represent figurines painted in different colors to create a close-to-reality look. The set includes some popular species such as pigeon, ostrich, and parrot in addition to some more exotic birds including a toucan, pelican, pheasant, and some others.

Colored Wooden Bird Toys

Each bird represents a specific part of the world. Some we may come across every day while others live deep in the jungles or rainforests. The set is designed to let your kids explore the planet as well as its inhabitants. You are free to create your own customized unique gaming model. For instance, your children may sort out birds by continents or living environment whether they prefer sea or earth.

At the same time, children will have a chance to learn more about some peculiar properties that refer to a particular bird. Where else will your son learn the fact that an ostrich cannot fly? How will your daughter find out the fact that mandarins are the symbol of love and fidelity in China? This is where our wooden bird set will certainly come in handy. Take the most out of our educational toys blended with pure entertainment.

What Birds Does the Wooden Set Include?

The set currently consists of 19 separate wooden bird figurines. You are free to buy them separately or as a full set with all species in one box. Here we have:

-          Wooden toucan, pelican, pigeon, pheasant, and heron wooden toys;

-          Mandarin, ostrich, parrot, owl, and eagle wooden figurines;

-          Wooden white and black swans, flamingo, snow owl, and many other amazing creatures.

Playing with our birds is not just tons of fun. We offer an entertaining way of interacting with wooden toys. It helps to widen their knowledge, learn many interesting facts about flora and fauna, develop gross motor skills, soft out objects by colors and shapes, etc.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 19 items