African/Safari animals

Get Ready for an African Adventure with Wooden Safari Animals

Would you like to find yourself with your children in the heart of the African continent to observe breathtaking views? Would you like your kids to see some of the world’s rarest animal species with their own eyes? Our digital shop will bring your dreams to life and deliver some of the best wooden safari animal figurines right to your home!

The section boasts a collection of colorful handcrafted African wooden figures. They are made of natural wood and painted with non-toxic materials to ensure the most imaginative way of entertainment for your children. They can pretend to be discoverers or popular characters like Tarzan lost in the jungles while making friends with wild animals.

Create Your Collection of Wooden Safari Animal Cutouts

You are the one to choose the paying for your baby. The section represents various different animals that are available as separate figurines as well as the part of a huge African animal set. You can add them one-by-one to your kid’s collection or buy the entire set with just a click.

They can be a good way to introduce different African animals as well as the sounds they make. Visit our section and choose from the following:

-          Wooden Lion Toy – the king of all animals.

-          Wooden Hippo Toy – elegant, huge, and at the same time very kind.

-          Wooden Tiger Figurine – fast and furious, etc

The section will guide you through the exotic world of different wooden animals where you can meet rhino toys, snake figurines, and other amazing African creatures made of natural wood.  

Safe Wooden Safari Animals to Play

We take care of every African figurine to make them safe and pleasant to play with. Natural wood delivers a great tactile experience. Toys are easy to hold. They do not have sharp angles or edges preventing your children from getting hurt. delivers fingertip access to a huge selection of wooden toys with enormous educational value. They help to develop various essential skills such as problem solving or creative thinking. Your kids can express their imagination as well as improve gross motor skills and other vital qualities.

Benefit from a wide array of wooden figurines at the most affordable price!

Handmade Wooden Animals FAQs

✓ What Are The Most Popular Wooden Farm Animals

Wooden Giraffe Toy & Wooden Elephant Toy are the most popular wooden toys.

✓ What Animals Can I Get with the Wood African Collection?

The section represents various different animals that are available as separate figurines as well as the part of a huge African animal set.

✓ Are These Toys Safe?

We use natural and eco-friendly materials like different species of wood, linseed oil and water-color paints. All materials are safe for children and the environment.
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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items