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African animal toys

This category presents various African animal toys, made from natural wood. All the paints that we use are completely non-toxic.

These simple-looking wooden toys have inner warmth and energy of a wood handicraft and will give your child hours of imaginative and fun play.

The African animal toys, wooden and covered with non-toxic paints, have no batteries or moving parts, no whistles and blows. The only sounds they make are those that your kids choose to imitate. And they sure will. This is a great exercise of their vocal, tactile and communicative skills.

Collect them, play with them and exchange them

You can collect them, getting new ones to enlarge your collection.

You can always exchange them with your friends, which can be a fun thing to do for your kids, helping them learn to share.

Safari animals toys that you would love

All these Safari animals toys, wooden and sanded by hand, have no sharp edges and are extremely durable. They never splinter and it’s impossible to chunk away any piece of a handicraft.

Playing with toys is not only fun, but can have a great educational value, helping enlarge your kid’s vocabulary. They help develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, while also enhancing fingers flexibility and fine motor skills. You can always add some math into the mix, introducing concepts of counting, addition and subtraction.

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  • This wooden rhino toy would be a perfect addition to any wooden toys set, Waldorf nature table or play space. This toy will help your child to open the world of animals- learn their names, characteristics, habitat, and behavior. This wooden rhino toy would be a...

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

African/Safari animals


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