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Hand Carved Wooden Animal Toys

Are you ready to be amazed by our huge selection of colorful wooden animals? In this case, welcome to our award-winning section highlighting some of the finest handcrafted wooden animal figurines for your children. Choose from an array of toys made from 100% safe organic materials. High-quality materials result in longevity and durability.

Our toys will meet any preferences and likes either your children are interested in wild life or they would rather create their own farm at home. You can pick the toys from several categories:

-          Forest & Wild Animals – introduce your children to creatures that live in the wild. Let them meet foxes, buffalos, bears and other amazing animals that live in forests.

-          Farm Animals – create a true-to-life farm at home with a set of domestic animals designed in a funny and entertaining way. Show your children what animals live in the farm and what sounds they produce.

-          Sea & Ocean Animals – get down to the bottom of the ocean together with your baby and explore its rich flora and fauna with the help of our topical set of wooden animals.

-          Australian Animals - meet some of the rarest creatures on the planet. Our set of wooden toys includes animals that can be found only in Australia.

Find other amazing sets in this section and let your children play with dinosaurs or learn more about Nordic and exotic animals.

Colorful Kids Wooden Animals

Our mini wooden animals come as a perfect gift for toddlers for several reasons:

  1. They are pleasant to play. Natural wood delivers the great tactile experience. Our toys are easy to hold in hands.
  2. They are beautiful. All our wooden animal toys are painted with non-toxic paint to provide the true-to-life look. Your kids will be introduced to different species. Parents may show their children what sounds they can make.
  3. Perfect sizes. All toys are designed in a perfect size. Make sure you stay with your children while they are playing.

Affordable Handmade Wooden Animals at is a wooden toy-specialized digital store that brings a wide selection of wooden animals and creatures for children of different ages. Simply pick a set of toys according to your children’s likes.

Is it going to be a set of wild animals or a farm with cows and hens? Does your son adore dinosaurs or exotic wooden animals? You can find them all in one place on our website. Start your engaging wooden toy shopping tour right now!

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