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  • Forest/Wild animals

    Forest animal toys

    If you fish for some unusual toys for your kid, forest animal toys are a right way to go. They will help your child get to know wild life from the very early age.

    Made from tough natural woods and covered with non-toxic paint, our wooden handicrafts never splinter or deform in any way. They are suitable for children from 3 years of age.

    Why should you consider wooden forest animal toys?

    • Your kid will learn more about wildlife, which is very rare to come across in real life.
    • Bright and eye-catching colors will draw his or her attention, helping to differentiate between colors, shapes and sizes.
    • Wild animal toys, wooden and oiled up with linseed oil or covered with non-toxic ink,help learn numbers and maths in a fun and engaging way at a very early age.
    • All toys are made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.
    • When your baby plays with such a toy, wild animals help him or her improve fine motor skills and finger flexibility.

    Woodland toys help enlarge horizon and see beauty of nature

    Woodland toys, such as foxes, wolves, squirrels and many-many other thrilling animals, are hard to come across in real life. They inspire imagination and awe with wild life, bringing something new in a city-dwelling life style that many of us have.

    Wooden toys are so unique that your child will love them much-much more than plastics mass-produced counterparts that has no “soul” or “hand-madedness”.

    When I was around seven, I came across a deer in the forest. That was such a genuinely exciting experience that I would remember it forever.

    Bring life to your child’s fascination with nature and forest animals.

  • Farm animals

    Farm animal toys

    Does your toddler really love farm animals? Is a farm tour a real hoot?

    If yes, then these toys are just what you have been looking for!

    You can always bring some of that farm life into your home. Our Wooden farm toys sets will help you do that.

    Join your child and work hard to reproduce sounds of farm animals. Your kid will appreciate your efforts, laughing as hard as he or she can! We know!

    What’s that about kids and wooden animal farm toys?

    Kids like wooden farm toys, as they are something different from plastics counterparts. They are literally “warm” and “un-fake”. You can feel it, you can see it. What’s there not love about them?

    There’s no toxins, nada! All paints that we use are completely non-toxic.

    All our products are extremely realistic, clearly showing even the minute details and drawing attention of your child to ruffled fur or a small bell. This helps develop eyesight and contemplation.

    We use only tough woods that assure durability and prevent any splintering or bending.

    Use these toys to help your child memorize names of different farm animals and poultry, bringing some farm spirit into your play.

    Speaking about these animals can help enlarge vocabulary. You can take a step further and do some story-telling about ducks and cows, goats and geese, cocks and pigs.

    “Sneak in” some maths, asking you child to count those figurines or introducing concepts of addition and subtraction.

    Whatever you do, these activities are sure to help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while also fostering love for farm life.

    Wooden Farm Toys | Woodland Animal Toys

  • African/Safari animals

    African animal toys

    This category presents various African animal toys, made from natural wood. All the paints that we use are completely non-toxic.

    These simple-looking wooden toys have inner warmth and energy of a wood handicraft and will give your child hours of imaginative and fun play.

    The African animal toys, wooden and covered with non-toxic paints, have no batteries or moving parts, no whistles and blows. The only sounds they make are those that your kids choose to imitate. And they sure will. This is a great exercise of their vocal, tactile and communicative skills.

    Collect them, play with them and exchange them

    You can collect them, getting new ones to enlarge your collection.

    You can always exchange them with your friends, which can be a fun thing to do for your kids, helping them learn to share.

    Safari animals toys that you would love

    All these Safari animals toys, wooden and sanded by hand, have no sharp edges and are extremely durable. They never splinter and it’s impossible to chunk away any piece of a handicraft.

    Playing with toys is not only fun, but can have a great educational value, helping enlarge your kid’s vocabulary. They help develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, while also enhancing fingers flexibility and fine motor skills. You can always add some math into the mix, introducing concepts of counting, addition and subtraction.

  • Birds
  • Sea/Ocean animals

    Wooden ocean toys

    Those children who love ocean and sea creatures would be thrilled with our wooden ocean toys. These are very elegant and durable toys that are completely gender-neutral. A great choice for Christmas or Easter gift.

    Wooden toys can be much more fun than the most beautifully painted plastic replicas. Why? Because it’s all about imagination. Children are extremely imaginative and they like toys that leave some space for imagination and filling in the details.

    These wooden ocean toys are perfect for imaginative play and vocabulary enrichment, while they can also foster curiosity and love for science.

    All our ocean animal toys are made from tough types of wood, which make them durable. They never splinter and it’s impossible to break away a piece. All the ink and paints that we use are completely non-toxic.

    Wooden ocean animal toys – collect them or exchange them

    You can collect various figurines of ocean animals or exchange handicrafts with your friends.

    Creative play with wooden ocean animal toys

    Your child can become a mermaid, riding a whale or dancing with a shark. Or, your child can be conservationist, working hard to preserve wild life of the Earth’s oceans and seas.

    The parents can read some cool facts about these sea animal toys and tell stories to their children. Afterwards, the child can act as an aquarium keeper, telling their friends all the cool stuff about its inhabitants. This helps a toddler build up on the relevant content vocabulary. This way, they can practice story telling and conversational skills, while mixing together both new and existing vocabulary.



  • Australian animals
  • Dinosaurs toys

    Wooden dinosaur toys

    In our store you can find a wide range of wooden dinosaur toys that are exquisite, durable and cool-looking.

    Why do children like wooden dinosaur toys so much?

    There is no question that plastic models of these ancient creatures are more realistic, but wooden figurines of pterodactyls, T-rexes and sable tigers leave more space for imagination. And this is of utmost importance for kids, because children like to imagine battles between dinosaurs and stampede of many small figurines on the prairies of their room. Absence of realistic details in these wooden dinosaur toys actually gives your kids “a breath of fresh air”, so that they can fill in the details themselves.

    These figurines can help transfer you kid to the pre-historic times, when these great creatures were roaming the Earth, battling for survival and opening up new continents for life.

    All our paints and ink are completely non-toxic. All toys are sanded by hand, which makes sure that no sharp edges are present. Our wooden dinosaur toys are perfect for the children from 3 years of age. They can give you baby hours of imaginative play, while also nurturing curiosity and love for science.

  • Nordic/Arctic animal toys

    Wooden Arctic animals toys

    In this section you can find exquisite and beautiful wooden Arctic animals toys. These knickknacks are produced from tough woods, which makes them durable and proof against any damage. They never splinter or break into pieces.

    Our wooden handicrafts can be a perfect gift for a holiday, birthday or a reward in a competition.

    Why should you consider buying wooden Arctic animals toys?

    One of the cool things to do is for you to read up on these majestic creatures and tell stories to your child. Afterwards, your kid can act as a scientist, telling his or her friends about these creatures. This can spark an interest and scientific curiosity, while also helping develop communicative skills, such as storytelling, acquisition of new vocabulary and active usage of existing relevant content vocabulary.

  • Exotic animals

    Wooden toy jungle animals

    If your child lives in a city, our wooden toy jungle animals can become a great tool to open up his horizons and help him learn about completely different places, like jungles and safari.

    All our toys are made of tough woods, preventing any deformation or splinters. Whenever any ink or paint is used, it is always completely non-toxic.

    High durability and elegant look of these handicrafts will surely make you love them.

    Exotic animal toys

    These toys are a perfect choice to strike scientific curiosity and imaginative drive in your baby. The best way to learn something is through play. Our wooden jungle animal toys will help your child learn more about nature and conservation, while giving them many hours of fun and imaginative play.

    The handicrafts are large and easy to clasp for the little finders. All edges are sanded by hand, making sure that there are no sharp places left.

    Younger children must have already seen these animals on TV and in the Zoo and will know what sounds they make. Mimicking their sounds will help train their vocal skills and prepare your kid to form his or her first words.

    For later ages, you can tell stories about these animals and help develop communicative skills, such storytelling and turn-talking skills. 


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