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Waldorf tree sets

This section offers a wide range of various Waldorf tree sets. These are just a perfect choice to complement your natural table sets.

What is a natural table set?

It is a diorama that mainly focuses on a particular season, depicting trees, birds, animals, grass and anything else that your little artist might wish to include. Our store has on offer some magical magic trees that are inspired by Waldorf techniques.

Today, Waldorf-inspired methodologies are widely used by many kindergartens and families.

Why are natural table sets so cool-looking?

Probably, it’s because you can see that they were made by the little fingers. There’s no clear structure or intent. It’s just a stream of consciousness, transformed into little trees, birds and grass.

The tactile experience that your kid gets from playing with our Waldorf tree sets is quite different from foam and plastic toys, which are – like fast food – always ready to be consumed, always click and flashy. 

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Tree sets


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