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Handcrafted Wooden Tree Sets

Are you planning to set up an interactive natural table for your kids? Would you like them to explore nature and learn more about different natural processes? Do you want them to develop their imagination and creativity in addition to coordination, eyesight, and other crucial skills? is certainly the right place to visit.

In this section, you will find different wooden tree sets that include a number of figurines depicting different types of plants that grow in the wild. Our sets consist of toys made in the form of a puzzle. The idea of our Waldorf trees is to let your kids safely play and learn at the same time.

Endless Exploration and Gaming Opportunities

Our wooden tree sets are dedicated to a particular topic. For parents, it is a simple way to arrange a topical nature table or tray. For children, it is a great chance to interact with natural objects and explore the surrounding world through our wooden sets.

Our toys are a good choice for several reasons:

-          Science exploration – Let them learn particular types of trees as well as their inhabitants. Designed in the form of a puzzle, they make it easy for children to explore different shapes, sizes, and colors.

-          Skills Development – Puzzle tree sets train coordination and eye-control. Wooden toys are very pleasant to play with ensuring a great tactile experience.

-          Observation – Our sets can show different natural processes as well as trees changing colors depending on the season. You can create a topical autumn natural table or explain the way trees interact with animals in the real world.

All sets consist of items produced of high-quality wood. They meet safety standards and are safe to play and interact. Choose from a range of our themed wooden tree sets and bring your gaming and educational ideas to life with the help of

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items