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Big Sets for Creative Natural Table Ideas will guide you to the world of lovingly designed wooden toys and figurines. This section introduces our wooden tree big sets that will let you bring to life the most creative natural table idea. They are all made of high-quality wood and feature non-toxic paints making them safe and interesting to play with.

Our wooden toys for creative play make it easy to explain subtle season changes and other natural processes to your kids. Parents can show the way the environment may change in a colorful and entertaining manner. This is where natural table ideas may come in handy. The main mission of such gaming model is to let kids interact with objects and scenes in the natural table depicting real-life processes.

Wooden Toy Big Sets for Kids

Our big sets consist of numerous items that depict different types of trees and animals that live both in the wild and on farms.  They are designed in the form of a puzzle combining several fundamental features such as education, learning process, and engaging entertainment.

Each item has several pieces that may include different insects, animals, fruits or other objects that make some natural processes pretty clear. Our big tree toy sets include:

-          Season Tree Set – a great way to show how nature changes as times go by. Colored wooden tree figurines refer to different seasons. A great opportunity to create an autumn or summer nature table.

-          Waldorf Tree Set – it consists of 5 major items. They depict different types of forest trees and additional objects introducing insects and animals. Also made in the form of a puzzle, they follow the idea of letting children connect with natural objects and processes.

How Can Natural Table Help?

The nature table highlights some fundamental processes they take place regularly in real life. It is a good way for children to learn more about those processes as well as animals and trees involved. They will see how nature may change and what role other inhabitants play.

Our wooden sets ensure an amazing sensory experience. Playing with handcrafted figurines is very pleasant and safe. Kids can play while pretending and developing their imagination. Visit our digital store and choose from a selection of our open-ended toys!

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items