Animal sets

Wooden animal sets

Our store offers a wide range of wooden animal sets. You will find here dinosaurs and woodland animals, the animals that live at the North Pole and in the ocean, the birds and farm animals, Safari and exotic animals. 

All figurines are made from natural wood, while we sand all the sharp edges several times to make sure that they pose no danger.

Any paints or ink that we use are completely non-toxic and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Animal toy sets

If your child adores wild life, these wooden animal toy sets will surely be a great gift. These toys are not as slick as those from foam and plastic. They are just wooden figurines with very “contour-ish” silhouette.  And that is what makes them stand apart.

They are never ready to be consumed right off the bat. The child needs to take an active role in deciding, how he or she will use wooden animal toy sets. It can be tens of figurines, scattered on the floor, coming together to fight against the evilest magician. Or it can a soul-touching nature table, which awes you every time you pass it.

Your child is at the center, not some flashy plastic jumbo toy. They toys are gender-neutral. And, most importantly, they have branding or cartoon connections.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Animal sets


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