Wooden Animals Sets

Wooden Animal Playset for Kids

Have your kids ever been to the zoo? They haven’t? Well, our shop will bring the zoo right to your place. The section offers several colorful and real-to-life wooden toy play sets with different types of animals from sea mammals and birds to domestic animals and dinosaurs. Simply choose the one that matches your children’s interests.

Our digital store boasts a diverse collection of educational box set wooden toys thoughtfully divided by categories. It will be easy for parents to choose the set their kids will love most of all. Each set consists of a number of wooden models colored with non-toxic paint. They are durable to ensure years of unforgettable entertainment and learning.

Which Type of Wooden Animal Set to Choose?

It all depends on your baby’s preferences. Otherwise, you can start introducing different types of animals to learn which type is the most preferable. Here we have:

-          Farm Animal Toy set introducing the most popular domestic animals. Painted in a funny and entertaining manner, the set includes a horse, piglet, cow, hen, dog, cat, and other animals we can meet at the real farm.

-          Forest Animals – let your kid learn more about the wildlife and animals that live in the forest. They will like it playing with buffalo or moose wooden models as well as recreate some episodes from the Bambi cartoon.

-          Wooden Dinosaur Set will help you create your own Jurassic Park right at home and introduce prehistoric heaters who lived millions of years ago. Arrange your own wooden historical museum in your apartment.

-          Arctic Animal Toys – the set consists of 11 different pieces introducing animals that can be found only in the Arctic. Sea unicorns, white whales, polar bears, and other unique creatures are ready to set off for the most exciting journey to explore the North Pole.

-          Sea Animal Toys Set – it is high time we went deeper under the sea. Prepare for an exciting though educational trip where we will learn more about the inhabitants from the bottom of the ocean. Dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, crabs, and other sea creatures are ready to welcome your kids in the ultimate gaming session.

Wide Range of Animal Wooden Sets

Visit our section for more great wooden sets. Let your kids find out more about exotic creatures that live in Africa and Australia. Our toys are the best chance to explore different countries and express imagination in its full swing.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items