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We offer a wide range of wooden toy sets that are both educational and fun. All the handicrafts are made from tough types of wood, ensuring no risk of splintering or deformation. This makes them extremely durable and ready to take on even the most active play.

You can be sure that these toys have no toxins. They literally have paints, as they are made from natural wood with only linseed on the surface to highlight their majestic texture.

We use only non-toxic paints, which help highlight the majestic texture of wood.

The wooden toy sets provide a perfect opportunity for your child to learn to share and communicate with others. You can also help develop such important communicative skills as story-telling and turn-talking skills.

In this section you can find all sorts wooden toys, including various figurines, puzzles, stackers and other games.

We are convinced that your child will adore our wooden toy sets that will give him or her hours of imaginative and fun play.

Wooden toy sets: great for garden and outdoor play

Since these handicrafts do not contain any batteries or electronics of any sort, they are a perfect fit for a play in the garden or outside. 

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  • Tree sets

    Waldorf tree sets

    This section offers a wide range of various Waldorf tree sets. These are just a perfect choice to complement your natural table sets.

    What is a natural table set?

    It is a diorama that mainly focuses on a particular season, depicting trees, birds, animals, grass and anything else that your little artist might wish to include. Our store has on offer some magical magic trees that are inspired by Waldorf techniques.

    Today, Waldorf-inspired methodologies are widely used by many kindergartens and families.

    Why are natural table sets so cool-looking?

    Probably, it’s because you can see that they were made by the little fingers. There’s no clear structure or intent. It’s just a stream of consciousness, transformed into little trees, birds and grass.

    The tactile experience that your kid gets from playing with our Waldorf tree sets is quite different from foam and plastic toys, which are – like fast food – always ready to be consumed, always click and flashy. 

  • Big sets
  • Animal sets

    Wooden animal sets

    Our store offers a wide range of wooden animal sets. You will find here dinosaurs and woodland animals, the animals that live at the North Pole and in the ocean, the birds and farm animals, Safari and exotic animals. 

    All figurines are made from natural wood, while we sand all the sharp edges several times to make sure that they pose no danger.

    Any paints or ink that we use are completely non-toxic and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.

    Animal toy sets

    If your child adores wild life, these wooden animal toy sets will surely be a great gift. These toys are not as slick as those from foam and plastic. They are just wooden figurines with very “contour-ish” silhouette.  And that is what makes them stand apart.

    They are never ready to be consumed right off the bat. The child needs to take an active role in deciding, how he or she will use wooden animal toy sets. It can be tens of figurines, scattered on the floor, coming together to fight against the evilest magician. Or it can a soul-touching nature table, which awes you every time you pass it.

    Your child is at the center, not some flashy plastic jumbo toy. They toys are gender-neutral. And, most importantly, they have branding or cartoon connections.

    Toy Animals Sets

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

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