Wooden Teethers

Wooden Animal-Shaped Teether Rattles

Have your kids only started exploring the surrounding world? Do they put in the mouth everything they find? We have a great solution for you! Our wooden baby teethers come as a safe and entertaining way to prevent your children from swallowing small objects, excessive crying, or flushed cheeks. Made of 100% natural and safe materials our baby teething toys might also work well when it comes to training various skills.

As a rule, babes start teething everything around between 3 and 10 months. Feel sure you will never miss the moment it starts. You need to be very careful to prevent various health problems that resulted from the swallowed gum. This is where our wooden teether toys for babies will do the trick.

100% Natural Chew Toy for Kids

With so many different types of wooden baby teether options, our rattles seem to be an optimal solution. They combine several toys in one. You get an animal-shaped teether with a rattle inside. All our items are designed in a unique way. Our mission was not just to provide your kids with a safe object to chew but also to let them develop their tactile, coordination, gross motor, and other skills.

Here at Woodencaterpillar.com, you can choose from various shapes. Is it going to be a wooden bear or squirrel toy? Will your kids love a wooden toy bee or a chicken with an egg inside? No matter what you choose, our toys will let your children experience natural wooden materials and play with the rattle inside the figurine. Each teether toy from the collection might appear to be a great present for the newborn as well as the solution to cutting teeth and itchy gums.

Long-Lasting Teether Rattles

Our toys meet high safety standards. We use natural materials and different types of wood to ensure a long-lasting playing process. All items are safe. They do not contain any toxic paint or coverage. Your kids can safely chew them 24/7 without any risk for their health.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 20 items