Wooden Baby Rattles

Handmade Wooden Baby Rattles

Looking for a perfect gift for your baby? Our high-quality wooden rattles and teethers will be the best bet! Here you will find an array of elegantly crafted toys that are not only great for entertainment but also good for learning and education.

 Made from two types of wood, they boast smooth shapes. Each and every wooden baby rattle is pleasant to play with. They bring a smooth finishing touch to your kids. Made of natural materials, they are 100% safe for chewing or teething.

How Can Handmade Wooden Baby Rattle be Helpful?

Choose the best wooden rattle for your children to ensure amazing entertainment blended with a comprehensive educational process. The key features of our wooden toys are as follows:

-          They have moving parts that produce the pleasant sounds of tackling wooden parts. Our toys are great whenever you need to grasp the baby’s attention and introduce new sounds to your kids.

-          Kids can turn, twist or spin them.

-          Toys develop children’s motor skills and attention.

 They deliver tons of fun and amazing experience for babies making their first steps in learning the surrounding world as well as their own bodies.

How to Play with a Personalized Wooden Rattle

Wooden toy rattles may come in various types ranging from vintage baby wooden rattles to wooden rattles with bells. Our digital shop offers some fine pieces of wooden toys including:

-          Dumbbell-shaped baby rattles for improving tactile skills. These toys will introduce different shapes, sizes, or textures to your baby. He or she will enjoy exploring the world around us.

-          Zodiac sign rattles. Here we have wooden rattle toys designed in the shape of different zodiac signs. Tell your children about what their signs mean in the most entertaining manner. This toy can turn to be a mascot for in future. 

-          Animal Shapes Rattles to boost your kids’ imaginative playing approach and introduce them to the wildlife representatives.

-          Rattle toys with jingle bells to produce sounds of balls tacking with wood. A good way to improve a kid’s concentration.

Wooden Rattle Playing Tips

Here at woodencaterpillar.com, we provide naturally crafted toys not just as a source of fun and entertainment. They let parents teach their children some fundamental skills. Follow some handful of tips to make the gaming process easy and engaging:

  1.        The first step is to introduce the rattle to your baby.
  2.        Let your kids have a closer look at it.
  3.        Then start moving the toy from one side to another.
  4.        Your kids will learn how to track a moving object.
  5.        They will also coordinate their visual skills respectively.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items