Wooden rattles

Wooden rattles

Our high-quality wooden rattles will surely be a real treat for you kid. They are made from natural woods and have no smell. We never use any paint.

The rattles make a pleasing hissing sound, drawing your child’s attention and helping develop his or her listening skills.

This great toy will give your child hours of fun, making him or her laugh and smile.

Benefits of baby rattles

They help your kid develop, improving their IQ.

They are fun to play with, helping develop the minute movements of your child’s wrist.

A great inspirational tool, baby rattles have a significant impact on education and development of your child.

This musical instrument will help open up the musical side of your kid’s nature. More and more experts believe that playing with such rattles can have a long-lasting effect on creativeness.

Why natural wood?

These toys are suitable for kids as young as 3 months, as they are easy to clutch. Our store offers a wide variety of various woods. Children prefer toys from natural wood to those made from plastics.

Rattles, made from natural wood, such as oak, maple, and pear, are extremely tough and never splinter. So, even if your baby decides to use it as a teether, there won’t be any splinters or damage to the toy.


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Wooden rattles


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