Rattle teethers Animal shapes

Wooden teethers

Your kid will love this yammy thingy. 

All the teething toys are made from natural woods with no chemicals anywhere near them.

Why wooden teethers?

Bacteria don’t like them. They are extremely durable when compared to plastic surrogates. They are comfy to play with, throw around. They are just… scrumptious!

Any kid will immediately tell the difference between wood and something non-wood. Like plastics, silicone… You don’t want you kid to chew on a plastic thing, do you?

Good. Then your choice is made.

Is it a teether? Is it a toy?

We make really beautiful teethers that are also fun to play with. Bring in some aesthetics into teething! An exquisitely elegant knickknack for your little one.

Do kids actually eat them? 

No, they don’t ;) Our wooden teething toys are made from tough woods that never splinter.

Use them from 3 months old.

Never giver your kid smaller rings and stuff. 

We sell only the best baby teethers. Wooden toys are a great buy for your kids.

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Rattle teethers Animal shapes


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