Lacing toys

Lacing toys

This section presents a wide range of wooden lacing toys that have unique designs that are nowhere to be found.

Lacing is a good practice for toddlers to delvelop fine motor skills. It may turn out quite difficult for little fingers to manipulate the string in and out of the holes, but it strengthens hand-eye coordination and builds patience like no other activity.

 These toys are completely non-toxic with no risk of splintering or splicing in pieces. You are totally on the safe side, giving your babies these exquisite and cool-looking toys. They are made from wood, bringing to your child the warmth, energy and vigor of the natural material.

Why are wooden developmental toys good for your kid?

They help drive physical development, delivering improvements to sensory, fine motor and gross motor skills.

You child becomes stronger, more agile and more confident with smaller objects, better preparing him for writing and other fine-motor activities down the road.

They also help strike an interest and curiosity, spring-boarding cognitive development. Our wooden developmental toys can boost problem solving, while also leaving space for imagination. Children like imagination-driven activities. Playing with a toy that offers room for imagination is just what you need.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Lacing toys


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