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Educational Wooden Lacing Toys for Toddlers

Our store offers three types of wooden lacing toys representing different shapes. You can choose any set to make your children happy. Our wooden lacing toys will keep your kids engaged in the learning activity blended with tons of fun.

Our wooden lacing toys deliver numerous entertainment and learning advantages. They come with different therapeutic features that are essential for various skills development. Handcrafted sets from natural wood ensure great language skills, body coordination, visual control, etc.

Essential Wooden Lacing Toys Benefits

We offer different sets of lacing toys. They come in three major shapes. You can certainly choose the best-matching product from our list, while your children will have a chance to improve:

-          Grasping and Motor Skills – our toys are designed to help your kids use a so-called “pad-to-pad” grip. It makes it easy for your children to fine-tune essential motor and grasping skills.

-          Bilateral Coordination – It is actually the same as hand control. When playing with wooden lacing toys, your kid learns how to use the dominant hand in order to control the toy (tool) combined with the non-dominant hand whenever assistance is necessary.

-          Visual Coordination – Playing lacing toys is not just about tracking the moving object. Our toys improve eye-hand cooperation. It means that your children not just visualize the information but also learn how to use it manually.

Wide Selection of Lacing Toys for All Needs

Here at, customers can choose from different sets. Made of 100% natural wood, our toys are totally eco-friendly, durable, and steady.

Get your kid educational wooden lacing toys with right a click away!

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items