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Traditional Wooden Toys for Toddler Are Still Trendy

Choosing the first toy for the kid should never be underestimated! Some parents wonder if classic wooden toys for toddlers are still in trend. Well, they definitely are considering their educational background as well as properties delivered by natural materials. Our wooden toys for toddlers are aimed at developing imaginative gaming when children can express creativity while developing essential skills in the process of teething and chewing them without any risk of getting hurt. Go to our section to pick the wooden toy that will be the first and most beloved one for your children!

Here at Wooden Caterpillar, we offer some of the best wooden toys for toddlers that have turned into the immortal classics. They differ from their plastic alternatives. They do not produce sounds like beeping or squeaking unlike modern plastic and electrical toys. They do not require battery charge but still can deliver tons of fun in addition to learning background out of the box.

Can Traditional Wooden Activity Toys for Toddlers Replace Modern Toys?

They certainly can. While the world keeps going mobile using plenty of technological perks, traditional wooden toys for toddlers are still the best option as they encourage:

-          Activity and problem-solving promotion instead of watching cartoons all day long.

-          Grit and resilience development.

-          Social skills forming and improvement.

-          Cognitive skills enforcement.

Looking at all the above-mentioned benefits, it becomes clear that none of plastic rattles or beanbags can replace high-quality wooden toys for toddlers made of eco-friendly materials. Plastic toys are no recommended to teethe or chew while wooden plays sets are made of high-quality non-toxic material that is 100% safe.

Various Types of Wooden Games for Toddlers in One Place

Here on our website, you can choose different types of traditional wooden toys for children. They are good for learning, pretend or role play. The selection of products includes:

-          Wooden rattles to let your kids feel different textures and shapes.

-          Wooden stacking toys to develop cognitive and gross motor skills.

-          Lacing toys to develop grasping skills when defining the dominating and assistant hands.

-          Zodiac wooden toys – our exclusive set representing different zodiac signs.

Traditional educational wooden toys are good for developing coordination, simple problem solving, imagination and creativity. They serve longer and more effectively if compared to plastic analogs.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 21 items