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Wooden teething toys

In our store you can find a wide range of teething toys that are made only from natural woods. This assures high durability and complete absence of any paints and ink on their surface.

One of the most popular product that we have is a teething pacifier that is completely risk-free and suitable for babies from the age of 3 months old. All the woods that we use are extremely tough, which prevents any splintering or deformation of any sort.

Teething toys for babies

Whenever you are in search for a product that will sooth your baby teething, products from natural woods are the safest bet out there. As compared to plastics or silicone products, they contain virtually no toxins, such as phthalates and others.

Wooden baby teething products can be very expensive, but we offer the product at moderate prices. Be sure to check the ribbons that will be a perfect fit for a teething that you buy from us.

Teething rattle – a perfect combo

A great choice is a teething rattle. Such a toy can draw your child’s attention, while also being a great teething handicraft. It will give your child many hours of fun play with a rattling thingy. These wooden teething rattles produce a seething sound that soothes your child and is pleasant to listen to.

One of the key advantages of our wooden teething toys is that they are made from perfectly textured wood types, delivering a gentle massaging effect for tender gums.

You can find a variety of wooden teething pacifiers that are easy to grasp and will perfectly fit into the hands of your child. No need to worry that your child will chew through a plastic handicraft, twist it somehow or turn it the other way.

Our wooden teething toys do not crumble and it’s impossible to break away any piece from them.

We are convinced that toys for infants and babies should always be of the highest quality and non-toxic. Our products fully deliver on these commitments, making us proud of the wide range of wooden teething rattles that we have on offer.

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  • Rattle teethers Zodiac...


    Wooden Caterpillar brings you a very cute collection of zodiac wooden teethers, specifically designed to give soothing relief to your baby’s gums. Teething is an important milestone in your child’s development. However, it could also be a difficult time for your little one because the newly erupting gums can be quite irritable. Our handcrafted, organic wooden teethers are smooth, stylish and safe to chew for your teething infant. Made of highest-quality natural wood - beechwood, these teethers feature eye-catching zodiac-inspired designs that are fun to play with. They are not colored, only oiled up with natural linseed oils. Thus, they are non-toxic and eco-friendly as well.

    Zodiac signs have been used for thousands of years to identify personality traits of people and provide insight into their future. Whether you believe in them or not, but it is always exciting to know your child’s personal characteristics and talents based on the date they were born. Our collection of adorable teethers features all 12 zodiac signs that add fun and excitement to your baby’s play. They are perfectly sized for baby's little hands so they can easily hold them and put gently in the mouth.

    Apart from giving relaxation to your kid’s sore gums, our teethers also develop your baby’s hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. They spark your child’s imagination and encourage social development through interactive play. Great for new as well as expecting moms, our handmade wooden zodiac teethers make a perfect and unique personalized gift for anyone.


    • Handmade product
    • 100% natural wood, organic linseed oil
    • Safe, non-toxic and chemical-free
    • Easy-to-grasp design
    • Smooth and gentle to gums
    • Eye-catching zodiac signs
    • Soothes baby that is fussy due to teething pain
    • Promotes sensory development
    • Develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
    • Eco-friendly
    • Age: 3+ months
  • Rattle teethers Animal...

    Wooden teethers

    Your kid will love this yammy thingy. 

    All the teething toys are made from natural woods with no chemicals anywhere near them.

    Why wooden teethers?

    Bacteria don’t like them. They are extremely durable when compared to plastic surrogates. They are comfy to play with, throw around. They are just… scrumptious!

    Any kid will immediately tell the difference between wood and something non-wood. Like plastics, silicone… You don’t want you kid to chew on a plastic thing, do you?

    Good. Then your choice is made.

    Is it a teether? Is it a toy?

    We make really beautiful teethers that are also fun to play with. Bring in some aesthetics into teething! An exquisitely elegant knickknack for your little one.

    Do kids actually eat them? 

    No, they don’t ;) Our wooden teething toys are made from tough woods that never splinter.

    Use them from 3 months old.

    Never giver your kid smaller rings and stuff. 

    We sell only the best baby teethers. Wooden toys are a great buy for your kids.

    Wooden Teethers | Wooden Teether Toy | Wooden Teether Ring | Wooden Teething Toys | Baby Teether Toys | Baby Teething Toys

  • Wooden rattles

    Wooden rattles

    Our high-quality wooden rattles will surely be a real treat for you kid. They are made from natural woods and have no smell. We never use any paint.

    The rattles make a pleasing hissing sound, drawing your child’s attention and helping develop his or her listening skills.

    This great toy will give your child hours of fun, making him or her laugh and smile.

    Benefits of baby rattles

    They help your kid develop, improving their IQ.

    They are fun to play with, helping develop the minute movements of your child’s wrist.

    A great inspirational tool, baby rattles have a significant impact on education and development of your child.

    This musical instrument will help open up the musical side of your kid’s nature. More and more experts believe that playing with such rattles can have a long-lasting effect on creativeness.

    Why natural wood?

    These toys are suitable for kids as young as 3 months, as they are easy to clutch. Our store offers a wide variety of various woods. Children prefer toys from natural wood to those made from plastics.

    Rattles, made from natural wood, such as oak, maple, and pear, are extremely tough and never splinter. So, even if your baby decides to use it as a teether, there won’t be any splinters or damage to the toy.


  • Stacking toys

    Wooden stacking toys

    We offer a great selection of wooden stacking toys that help your child develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination. The baby develops motility and learns to compare the parts of the toy that differ in size, color and shape so the baby has much to explore.

    Kids love to play with these toys that are made exclusively from natural wood and would always prefer them to plastics surrogates.

    The wood brings out its warmth and pleasant touch. These knickknacks are covered with linseed oil, which gives them a gorgeous look.

    Wooden Stacking Toys | Stacker Toys | Montessori Toys

  • Lacing toys

    Lacing toys

    This section presents a wide range of wooden lacing toys that have unique designs that are nowhere to be found.

    Lacing is a good practice for toddlers to delvelop fine motor skills. It may turn out quite difficult for little fingers to manipulate the string in and out of the holes, but it strengthens hand-eye coordination and builds patience like no other activity.

     These toys are completely non-toxic with no risk of splintering or splicing in pieces. You are totally on the safe side, giving your babies these exquisite and cool-looking toys. They are made from wood, bringing to your child the warmth, energy and vigor of the natural material.

    Why are wooden developmental toys good for your kid?

    They help drive physical development, delivering improvements to sensory, fine motor and gross motor skills.

    You child becomes stronger, more agile and more confident with smaller objects, better preparing him for writing and other fine-motor activities down the road.

    They also help strike an interest and curiosity, spring-boarding cognitive development. Our wooden developmental toys can boost problem solving, while also leaving space for imagination. Children like imagination-driven activities. Playing with a toy that offers room for imagination is just what you need.

  • Wooden Spoons

    Juniper spoon is a wonderful way to introduce your little one to eating solid food. Each spoon is hand-crafted out of highest quality natural juniper. Easy for baby to hold, easy to get in little mouths and softer on baby's mouth than metal spoon. A great choice for eco-minded parents! 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 32 items

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