Tactile toys

Tactile toys for toddlers

In this section you can find a wide range of wooden sensory (tactile) toys for toddlers.

The main idea of a tactile/sensory toys is to provide a toddler with a great variety of materials to explore. The more shapes, textures your baby explores, the better your toddler develops his/her fine motor skills, motility, comparison by size, shape and color. 

These handicrafts are made completely from natural wood and have an innate warmth and energy of a natural wood. They never splinter and it’s almost impossible to break away a piece from them.

Toys for toddlers that help develop sensory (tactile) skills

We have gathered the best toys that will definitely help your baby develop their sensory (tactile) skills, such as fine and gross motor skills, awareness of sensory signals, ability to reduce the level of stress. At the same time, these wooden toddler toys are just fun to play with.

Wooden toys for toddler that are fun to play with

The handicrafts that we present in this section will help your child explore their sensory skills, while also nurturing a strive to touch and feel the surrounding objects. This drive to reach out to objects around the child, to experience the surroundings is extremely important to nurture.

Different textures and exquisite surface of our wooden toys for toddlers contribute to your child’s eagerness to spend hours playing with them.

These toys are a perfect gift for a toddler. One of the cool things is that they are completely free from any branding, connections with cartoons and gender-neutral. This will help to “de-clatter” your child’s cognitive space and naturally drive his or her curiosity.

 Wooden toys for toddlers are very hard to choose, since you find yourself thinking that plastic, rubber or other materials might or might not have a negative effect on the health of your child and environment. But who wants to bet on something like that? Thus, the wooden handicrafts are possibly the best choice that you can make, when you are looking for a cool gift for a toddler. You’re always on the safe side with such handicrafts, because they contain only wood and nothing else.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Tactile toys


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