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Classic and Modern Wooden Stacking Toys

Welcome to our section of amazing wooden stackable toys. Our webshop brings a selection of wooden baby puzzle toys for all tastes no matter how old your children are. Here you will find the range of wooden stacking blocks, puzzles, and Waldorf stackers made of 100% natural wood.

The main mission of our toys is to boost kids’ awareness of different colors, textures, shapes, or sizes. For example, the Sun Rise stacker comes as a colored puzzle with elements made in several shapes. You can play with the kid introducing the blue sky, green land, or yellow sun.

You can find some classic options such as Waldorf wooden puzzle toys as well as some new options you will never find anywhere else on the web. Each and every product is made of high-quality organic materials that meet toy-safety standards. The products do not contain any toxic or harmful materials. They were created to deliver happiness and joy through the learning process.

Discover the World of Colors and Textures with Wooden Stacking Toys for Toddlers

Wooden toys and puzzles will open the door to the world of endless shapes, textures, and colors. All you need is to invite your kid to the new world and let him or her play a bit with our fantastic wooden stacker games. You are free to choose from:

-          Stacker houses including Sun and Moon, Waldorf and Gnome Fairy houses.

-          Sun Rise stackers featuring elements of different colors and shapes.

-          Coral Reef puzzle toy introducing a set of objects from the bottom of the ocean.

Who knows, maybe this is the first step for your child on the way to becoming a world’s famous architect or designer. Parents are free to choose from different colors and difficulty levels. Each game consists of a particular number of pieces. You can choose the one that will not be a tough challenge for your kid from the start.

Classic Children Wooden Puzzles at

We sell different types of stacking games including such popular stacker types as Waldorf toys. They have already made a name for themselves and hardly call for an introduction. Designed to help kids find out more about shapes and sizes, Waldorf puzzles are extremely popular with both children and parents. You can find them at at the most reasonable prices.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items