Balance Toys

Wooden balance toys

Give your kid a perfect educational tool – a balance toy – that will teach him or her about weights, shapes and sizes.Kids will learn, how they can attain the equilibrium by placing smaller pieces on either side of the base. This helps develop an important concept of cause and effect.

All our toys are made from natural wood which has a beautiful texture and pleasant feel. They are polished with linseed oil, which gives them a perfect look.

Being a great hand-eye coordination toy, it helps children train their find hand movements and discern minute details of smaller pieces.

Learning toys

We offer a wide variety of learning toys, which help develop children’s imagination and bring together both practical and intellectual power that they have.

These are not just toys, but an effective instrument that will help uncover you kid’s vigor and energy.

All toys in our store are made from tough woods that do not splinter or deform under damage. Be careful not to leave your child alone with the toys that have smaller pieces. 

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Balance Toys


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