Traditional Wooden Toys

It is no coincidence that traditional wooden toys have been around for generations and are still popular today. These toys are good quality, safe and provide children with endless possibilities for creative play, not to mention the fact that children love them!

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  • My first toys

    Wooden teething toys

    In our store you can find a wide range of teething toys that are made only from natural woods. This assures high durability and complete absence of any paints and ink on their surface.

    One of the most popular product that we have is a teething pacifier that is completely risk-free and suitable for babies from the age of 3 months old. All the woods that we use are extremely tough, which prevents any splintering or deformation of any sort.

    Teething toys for babies

    Whenever you are in search for a product that will sooth your baby teething, products from natural woods are the safest bet out there. As compared to plastics or silicone products, they contain virtually no toxins, such as phthalates and others.

    Wooden baby teething products can be very expensive, but we offer the product at moderate prices. Be sure to check the ribbons that will be a perfect fit for a teething that you buy from us.

    Teething rattle – a perfect combo

    A great choice is a teething rattle. Such a toy can draw your child’s attention, while also being a great teething handicraft. It will give your child many hours of fun play with a rattling thingy. These wooden teething rattles produce a seething sound that soothes your child and is pleasant to listen to.

    One of the key advantages of our wooden teething toys is that they are made from perfectly textured wood types, delivering a gentle massaging effect for tender gums.

    You can find a variety of wooden teething pacifiers that are easy to grasp and will perfectly fit into the hands of your child. No need to worry that your child will chew through a plastic handicraft, twist it somehow or turn it the other way.

    Our wooden teething toys do not crumble and it’s impossible to break away any piece from them.

    We are convinced that toys for infants and babies should always be of the highest quality and non-toxic. Our products fully deliver on these commitments, making us proud of the wide range of wooden teething rattles that we have on offer.

  • Learning Toys

    Wooden learning toys

    Your kid would love the learning toys that you can buy in our store.

    You can find simple blocks or triangles, which can help develop sensory skills. These toddler learning toys are perfect for those babies that just start develop hand-eye coordination.

    Learning toys from natural wood

    All our toys are made from natural wood that is pleasant to touch, never splinters and has a great feel of warmth and energy in it.

    They are great for helping kids learn to differentiate between color and size.

    One of the key advantages of wooden learning toys is that they are extremely durable and can sustain for a long time.

    We offer a wide range of unique learning toys and we are sure that you will find something that you kid will love.

    You can buy various wooden stacking toys, puzzles or Waldorf houses. All of these will help foster your child’s intellectual prowess and practical skills. 

    Wooden Learning Toys | Learning Wooden Toys | Wooden Toys Educational

  • Toy animals and creatures

    Wooden animal toys

    In this section you can find a wide variety of wooden animal figurines. These are exquisite and cool-looking replicas of majestic Arctic or jungle creatures, dinosaurs or safari inhabitants.

    Whenever any ink or paint is used, it is always completely non-toxic.

    Woodland animal toys

    Your toddler surely must have seen various animals on TV and in the Zoo. Playing with these woodland animals toys, he or she will be able to mimic their sounds, practicing vocal skills and better preparing them to forming their first sounds. The best way to learn new things is through playing.

    No need to worry that the toys will somehow get broken or splinter, since we use only the toughest types of wood, assuring high durability.

    Your kid can also collect various animal wooden toys, which is going to look impressively on the book shelf. Afterwards, he or she can exchange toys with their friends, teaching them how to share. 

    Animal Figures Toys

  • Tree toys

    Wooden tree toys

    Whether you are looking for a couple of wooden tree toys to complete your nature table or you want to buy a wholesale set of wooden trees for your kindergarten class, you can find all of these fixtures and much more in our store.

    All products are made from natural wood with the sharp edges sanded numerous times to make them completely safe for little fingers. The paints and ink that we use are completely non-toxic. 

    How you can use Waldorf trees?

    If you are trying to discover Waldorf methodologies or just want some cool-looking trees for your kid’s play-world, these tree handicrafts are what you need.

    You can find wooden trees toys of various shapes, colors and sizes.

    The Waldorf-inspired play can significantly contribute to the development of various skills that your kid needs to be successful down the road, such as contemplation, empathy and love for nature.

    Conservation and adoration with the nature are at the foundation of the Waldorf methodology.

    Tree Toys

  • Play sets

    Wooden toy sets

    We offer a wide range of wooden toy sets that are both educational and fun. All the handicrafts are made from tough types of wood, ensuring no risk of splintering or deformation. This makes them extremely durable and ready to take on even the most active play.

    You can be sure that these toys have no toxins. They literally have paints, as they are made from natural wood with only linseed on the surface to highlight their majestic texture.

    We use only non-toxic paints, which help highlight the majestic texture of wood.

    The wooden toy sets provide a perfect opportunity for your child to learn to share and communicate with others. You can also help develop such important communicative skills as story-telling and turn-talking skills.

    In this section you can find all sorts wooden toys, including various figurines, puzzles, stackers and other games.

    We are convinced that your child will adore our wooden toy sets that will give him or her hours of imaginative and fun play.

    Wooden toy sets: great for garden and outdoor play

    Since these handicrafts do not contain any batteries or electronics of any sort, they are a perfect fit for a play in the garden or outside. 

    Tree Figurines | Tree Toys Figure | Wooden Animal Toys | Toy Animals Sets

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Showing 1 - 9 of 165 items