Wooden Tactile Set

$36.99 per 0.22lb

A wooden tactile set includes different items that feature different textures in order to provide a good sensory experience for the baby. Toddler gets an opportunity to explore them and develop tactile abilities. Children need diverse material for better experience. Versatility of shapes and textures creates conditions for development of motility and fine motor skills. Baby starts to categorize the items and compare them.

WARNING: The set is good for children over 2 years old as younger children like to take toys to the mouth and this is not advisable due to small size of some items in the set.

There are 8 items in the set: 2 riffled balls (4cm, 1.57''), 2 balls of even shape (3.5cm, 1.38''), a riffled stick (11cm, 4.33), a triangle (5x4.5cm; 1.97x1.77''), a ring (5cm, 1.97''), a saw cut (5cm, 1.97''), a coin (3x3cm, 1.18x1.18'') and 3 small cubes (2x2cm/0.79x0.79'').

Set can be expanded at the wish of customer.

The toy with a nice smell of natural juniper is sanded thoroughly for safety.

MATERIAL TYPES: Made of juniper, linseed oil.


Dimensions11-12cm, diameter 3-4cm
Age2-5 years


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