Wooden Stacking Toy Round Montessori

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This is a remarkable educational Montessori toy that provides lots of benefits for child’s development. It is recommended for children from 1 year old. Stacking toys include round pieces with 2 holes in them. The child learns to stack the round blocks on the base. Each block is provided with two centers to make this task more challenging thus making the playing process more captivating.

Playing this wooden staking toy, the child gets the chance to develop his motor skills and motility. Baby learns to do everything with accuracy. Playing toy has versatile pieces (in size, shape and centers), so the kid acquires comparison skills when he plays it.

The toy consists of 5 round pieces with 2 centers and a larger base.

The material is natural and pleasant to touch.

MATERIAL TYPES: ashwood, oakwood. Natural linseed oil is used as a finish.



is 12x17cm, 4.7x6.7''

Materialoak, maple, ashwood, pear, alder, hazel wood, organic linseed oil
Dimensions12cm x 17cm
Age1+ years


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