Stacking Toy in 5 different shapes and sizes


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If you want to introduce the world of shapes to your baby, there is no option better. This stacking toy will become an excellent learning guide that will teach your kid such shapes as round, square, triangle, pentagon and hexagon. These are the basic shapes and child learns about them in an entertaining way.

The surface of all pieces is smooth and pleasant to touch. This toy is also a unique chance to present 5 natural materials to the child in one toy. They present different kinds of wood.

MATERIAL TYPES: harewood, maple, oak, beechwood, ashtree and basswood.

Flax-seed oil makes the toy even more visually appealing. Its natural beauty starts shining even more.


The toy can be slightly different in comparison with the one showcased on the website. Handmade toys are always unique. Delivered in a jute bag, so you send it as a gift. We can include a gift note as well if you notify us about it in a box “notes to seller”.

Material harewood, oakwood, ashtree, beechwood, basswood, organic linseed oil
Dimensions 10,5cm x 10cm
Age 1+ years



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Stacking Toy in 5 different shapes and sizes

Stacking Toy in 5 different shapes and sizes

This unique wooden stacking toy will become a "teacher" for your child in the world of shapes. The pyramid blocks are made in 5 different shapes and sizes - hexagon, pentagan, square, triangle, round.

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