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The specialists assure that manipulations with a right toy contributes to brain development of the child. Puzzles provide such opportunity. When child connects pieces of the puzzle, he or she learns to affect the environment. Flipping and turning pieces, kids are learning to coordinate their brain with movement.

Puzzle improves hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Children learn to recognize the shape, sort out objects and then coordinate movement attentively fitting in the pieces to their proper places to assemble the puzzle.

The item includes 4 large pieces. All of them are well-polished and convenient to hold on.

2.36'' x 2.36'', 6cm x 6cm
MATERIAL TYPES: The puzzles are made of oak, ashwood. Organic linseed oil used a finish.

SUITABLE FOR AGES This is an excellent and useful gift for children 2+

Materialashtree, organic linseed oil
Dimensions15 x 8cm/5,91'' x 3,15''



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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Opened)

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (Opened)

This wooden puzzle set (including 4 pcs) is made from ashwood and oak. 
Each puzzle is carefully and individually cut. It has large, easy to hold on to puzzle pieces for young children and toddlers.

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