Baby Shower Toy Set (6pcs)

$76.50 weight: 2.15lb

In search of a good baby shower gift? Our baby shower toy set will suit perfectly! 
The set includes 6 toys for growing baby starting from teether and rattle toy and ending with learning toys for fine and gross motor skills. You SAVE 15% buying 6 items in a set!

- The organic wooden pacifier will be a perfect first baby toy. It is especially good when teeth are cutting and the gums are itchy. We have 15 different shapes to choose from. These teethers are suitable for babies from 3 months of age. It is easy to grip even with the smallest palm. The teethers are not colored, only oiled up with natural linseed oil.

- A beautiful baby rattle toy will become a real treat for your baby. This toy keeps the warmth of 2 wood species. It is super smooth and is extremely tough and never splinter. So, even if your baby decides to use it as a teether, there won’t be any splinters or damage to the toy. The rattle makes a pleasant hissing sound, drawing your baby's attention and helping to develop his or her listening skills.
It is easy to grasp for babies over 5-6 months, helping develop the minute movements of your child’s wrist. Perfect size and shape for little hands. 

- Juniper baby spoon is a great way to introduce your little one to eating solid food. The spoon is hand-crafted out of highest quality natural juniper. Easy for baby to hold, easy to get in little mouths and softer on baby's mouth than a metal spoon. 

- Stacking toy will become a wonderful learning toy for any toddler. The blocks can be arranged in any configuration on the column which allows kids to develop fine motor skills, motility, comparison by size, shape, and color. It's such a pleasure to touch the smooth surface of the toy that brings the warmth and energy of natural wood. All pieces are covered with organic linseed oil that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. The wooden stacking toy is safer than the other more popular colored wooden version as there is a danger of the paint being clipped off the wood pieces if your baby or toddler start exploring’ it in his/her mouth. You may choose any of the 3 models available

- Lacing toy is a very simple and powerful toy - it helps to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, eyesight measurement, attention concentration, patience. The faster your kid develops his tactile skills, the faster he learns to speak. You may choose any of the 3 models available

- Mushroom with a screw will become a great learning toy for your little toddler. Every mother knows that toddlers are fond of twisting and untwisting everything that can be twisted. It's always touching to watch how your kid is trying to untwist something new. While screwing a mushroom your kid will need to work not only with his/her fingers but with the whole hand. This mushroom will help your child to develop patience, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, eye-sight measurement.

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Material ashwood, beechwood, organic linseed oil
Age 6+ months
Packaging Most toys arrive ready to give in a kraft box. We will be happy to add a gift note at no charge if being sent as a gift. Just let us know what to write in the "notes to seller" box at checkout. The invoice is never included in the gift package.


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