Wooden Hydra Figurine

$22.99 weight: 0.24lb

A toy hydra made out of wood looks like a snake with several heads. In Greek mythology, it was a giant creature who lived in water. Some hydras had up to one hundred heads. Can you believe that? Greeks also thought that hydras were immortal. Well, it’s almost true for our wooden toy: it’s not immortal but it will be there for you for several generations. A toy hydra can guard a castle surrounded by water or live in a lake in an enchanted forest. Imagination is the limit.

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Material ashwood, water-based paints
Dimensions 12 x 11cm/4.72 x 4.33 inches, width is 18mm/0,71''
Age 3+ years
Packaging The toy arrives ready to give in a kraft box. We will be happy to add a gift note at no charge if being sent as a gift. Just let us know what to write in the "notes to seller" box at checkout. The invoice is never included in the gift package.
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