Handcrafted Wooden Ghost Toy - Ethereal Spirit & Classic Spooky Decor

$15.99 weight: 0.18lb

Float into the mysterious realms of the afterlife with our Handcrafted Wooden Ghost Toy! This spectral figure, embodying the timeless charm of ghostly tales, is a whimsical addition to any Halloween or spooky-themed decor. Each ghost is lovingly carved from sustainable wood, with a soft, hand-painted finish that evokes its ethereal nature. It's an enchanting choice for those who adore classic ghost stories, want to add a touch of playfulness to their decor, or are seeking a friendly phantom for children's imaginative play. With our Wooden Ghost Toy, invite a hint of otherworldly charm into your home.

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Material ashwood, non-toxic paints
Dimensions 9cm х 8cm x 1.8cm
Age 3+ years
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