Big Wooden Halloween Set 11 pcs - Ultimate Halloween Spooky Set

$164.99 weight: 2.5lb

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Halloween with our all-inclusive Big Wooden Halloween Set! This masterfully curated collection combines the magic, mystery, and macabre of the season into a comprehensive set that is bound to captivate hearts and ignite imaginations.

Inside this grand ensemble, you'll discover:

  • Wooden Vampire Toy: Dive into gothic legends with our meticulously crafted vampire, echoing tales of nocturnal allure.
  • Wooden Ghost Toy: A spectral figure that brings an ethereal charm, perfect for evoking otherworldly wonder.
  • Wooden Skeleton Toy: Delicate and detailed, our skeleton is both an eerie decoration and an educational anatomy piece.
  • Wooden Mummy Toy: Travel back to Ancient Egypt with this hand-wrapped wonder, symbolizing legends of old.
  • Wooden Young Witch & Old Witch: Two distinct witches, capturing the essence of magical youth and wise age, ready to enchant.
  • Wooden Halloween Tree: A haunting silhouette that perfectly sets the mood for spooky tales.
  • 2 Small Wooden Jack-O-Lanterns: These ghoulish gourds, with their carved faces, are the iconic mascots of Halloween.
  • Wooden Werewolf Toy: Unearth tales of full moon transformations with this fearsome figure.
  • Wooden Zombie Toy: Step into post-apocalyptic fantasies with our chilling, undead wanderer.

Every piece in this set is hand-carved from sustainable wood and painted with eco-friendly, non-toxic paint, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility alongside unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you're starting your Halloween collection, gifting a loved one, or setting up a spooky scene, our Big Wooden Halloween Set is the epitome of festive charm and artistry.

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Material ashwood, non-toxic paints
Age 3+ years
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