Wooden Fall Oak Tree Toy - Capture the Essence of Autumn with This Multi-Part, Eco-Friendly Playset Product

$17.99 weight: 0.26lb

Welcome autumn into your home all year round with our Wooden Fall Oak Tree Toy. This beautifully crafted playset includes a detailed crown, sturdy trunk, pop-out leaf, acorn, and a stable stand—everything needed to create your own little piece of fall. Designed with care and craftsmanship, it's an eco-friendly and educational toy that will ignite your child's imagination while celebrating the grandeur of nature.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Part Design: Includes a crown, trunk, pop-out leaf, acorn, and stand for a complete play experience.
  • Authentic Oak Wood: Crafted from premium, sustainably sourced ashwood.
  • Eco-Conscious: Coated with non-toxic, water-based paint and made with biodegradable materials.
  • Child-Safe: Designed with smooth, rounded edges to ensure safety for kids 3+
  • Educational Value: Ideal for teaching about trees, leaves, acorns, and the changing seasons.
  • Beautifully Packaged: Comes in an elegantly designed box, ready for gifting.
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Material ashwood, non-toxic paints
Dimensions 15 cm high
Age 3+ years
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