Charming Hand-Painted Wooden Winter Bush Toy - Eco-Friendly Children's Nature Play - Seasonal Montessori Decor

$9.99 weight: 0.22lb

Delight in the simple charm of our Wooden Winter Bush Toy, a beautiful addition to your child's play collection or your seasonal home decor. Each piece is lovingly carved from sustainable wood, showcasing the intricate patterns of snow resting gently on a winter bush.

With its soft blue and white hues, this wooden bush toy evokes the crisp, tranquil air of a winter's day. Its quaint size and smooth finish make it perfect for small hands to grasp and position within a wintry scene of imaginative play. It stands proudly as a solitary piece of winter or can be combined with our Winter Wonderland Set to create a complete snowy landscape.

Ideal for Montessori-style learning, this toy helps to nurture a child's appreciation for nature's seasons while developing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. It also serves as a delightful seasonal accent that brings a piece of the serene winter countryside into your home.

Crafted with care, this Wooden Winter Bush Toy is not only a tool for imaginative play but also an heirloom-quality piece that can be passed down through generations. It's a meaningful gift for the little ones in your life or a charming touch to your festive decorations.

Welcome the joy and peace of winter into your home with this enchanting wooden toy.

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Material ashwood, non-toxic paints
Dimensions 8 х 5 х 1.8 cm/3.15 x 1.97 inches
Age 3+ years


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