Wooden Corn Plant Toy - Engaging & Educational Garden Playset

$15.99 weight: 3.53lb

Our Wooden Corn Plant Toy, skillfully crafted from sustainable wood, offers a unique way to engage children with gardening and learning about plant life cycles in an enjoyable, interactive setting.
Stir a love for learning with our educational Wooden Corn Plant Toy. It brings the enchanting world of nature and the underlying science to your child's playtime, encouraging active learning through hands-on interaction.
Our line of eco-conscious toys support active learning and environmental stewardship. The Wooden Corn Plant Toy enables an immersive encounter with nature exploration, right in your child's play area.
Mirroring the real-life growth cycle of a corn plant, our toy offers an enriching educational play experience, cultivating curiosity and knowledge.
The perfect gift for budding gardeners, nature enthusiasts, or junior scientists. Secure endless hours of enjoyable, educational play with our Wooden Corn Plant Toy.
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Material ashwood, non-toxic paints
Dimensions 11 х 3 cm/4.33 x 1.97 inches
Age 3+ years
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