Wooden Chili Plant Toy - Engaging & Informative Garden Playset

$12.99 weight: 3.53lb

Made with care from sustainable wood, our Wooden Chili Plant Toy offers an engaging approach to introduce children to gardening and the concept of plant life cycles in a playful, interactive setting.
Ignite the spark of curiosity with our educational Wooden Chili Plant Toy. It brings nature's wonders and the underlying science to your child's playtime, promoting learning through hands-on engagement.
Our range of eco-conscious toys encourage active learning and environmental sensitivity. The Wooden Chili Plant Toy provides a direct encounter with nature exploration at your child's convenience.
Accurately mimicking the real-life growth stages of a chili plant, our toy offers a comprehensive and educational play experience, fostering curiosity and understanding.
The perfect gift for future gardeners, nature aficionados, or science-savvy kids. Secure hours of fun, educational play with our Wooden Chili Plant Toy.
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Material ashwood, non-toxic paints
Dimensions 5.5 х 5.5 cm/2.17 x 2.17 inches
Age 3+ years
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