“Old Fashioned” Toys Vs High Tech Solutions – Why Children Prefer Retro Toys?

“Old Fashioned” Toys Vs High Tech Solutions – Why Children Prefer Retro Toys?

Wooden stacking toys are unfairly considered old-fashioned by parents who are surprised to see that such toys are of interest to their children. Moreover, stacking toys often become favorite toys of toddlers. How is it possible that simple retro toys still rock while fancy electronic toys are often entirely ignored by kids? The specialists explain that simple toys are healthier for the development of the child who develops his physical skills with pleasure playing with clay, simple building blocks, wooden stacking toys and others, which are hidden by parents in the back shelf as a rule for being outdated.

Passive recipient vs. active problem solver – what kind of personality we create?

Parents often do not understand that their little problem solvers need challenge, while parents give them ready made solutions. A toy can be bright and expensive but there is nothing to explore in it and toddler loses interest to it.Baby intuitively looks for real life situations – life that is full of problems that require solutions. Children look for challenges and this is just what Waldorf stacking toys provide.

Toddler learning toys

Essence of Waldorf educational principle

Waldorf stacking toys are created in accordance with teaching of Rudolf Steiner who founded Waldorf education. His educational philosophy is based on the important role of imagination in learning. Ready-made solutions, discussed in this article earlier, do not develop creativity. In accordance with this educational approach, children should be discouraged from use of electronic media. TV and computer are not recommended for them. Moreover, their use is in conflict with developmental needs of a child. Playing with Waldorf stacking house is healthier than watching the screen without movement for hours.

Physical development with Waldorf stacking toys

Waldorf stacking toys are more useful even when compared with other non-electronic options. Why wooden stacking cubes can be better than Legos, for instance? According to the therapist’s view, the parts that stick together always can’t help to develop fine motor skills and help to learn to control release. Children learn what balance is and acquire good hand-eye coordination.

What happens as a rule when a child sees wooden stacking toys for the first time? They usually press one block into the other and blocks fall down as small kids are not able to release the block and balance it on top of the other block. When they build a tower and stack of blocks is knocked down, it brings so much excitement to the child! They laugh and feel happy! Their joy is a guarantee that they will do this exercise that develops their skills again. As a result, they will practice their skills more and more and their structures built of Waldorf stacking toyswill become more complicated with time.

Natural wooden toys are highly valued by customers for using natural materials. Toddlers love to gnaw on toys so it is important to surround the kid with such toys. High quality toys are made of natural materials only. The child starts playing with stacking toys at the age of a year and a half. Until then they just gnaw on them and bang them together as a rule. Using wooden stacking toys, the baby learns to balance several blocks on top of each other.

As the baby becomes older, he learns to build serious structures. This activity develops perfect coordination. The child begins sorting blocks using different properties such as color. The process of playing with Waldorfstacking toysdevelops good imagination – kids imagine that a block is something else, for instance, a car. Colorful wooden stacking toys develop creativity and help to improve problem-solving skills.

Children do not need high tech solutions to develop basic physical skills. Such toy as wooden Waldorf stacking house meets all necessary requirements of a perfect toy. It is safe, natural and beautiful. It entertains and develops. It is pleasant to touch. If you want your kid to have quality playtime, there is no variant better.

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