Why It Is Important To Play Developmental Toys

Why It Is Important To Play Developmental Toys

Playing is the practice of real life experience. When baby is born, it does not know anything about this world. The child learns about gravity when the toy falls to the floor. Toys help children learn how everything works in this world and babies learn to adapt to it. For this reason, toys play an important role. Children need toys that contribute to their development. Here are examples showing how toys can help to form basic developmental skills.

1. Any child needs hand eye coordination toy that helps to develop better motor planning. The scientists discovered a link between hand eye coordination and learning abilities. Hand eye coordination toy contributes to better handwriting, fine motor development, visual perception and even social communication skills.

2. Wooden balance toy teaches the child the balanced principle so children look for solutions trying to balance different things. This toy teaches children a theory of balance. Wooden balance toy trains practical hands-on abilities.

hand eye coordination toy

Parents should choose the toys for their children properly. If they incorporate wooden balance toy and hand eye coordination toy into baby’s playtime better result can be achieved. Hands and eyes of the child should work together. Playing developmental toys, the kid will develop quicker reaction and will become more efficient, solving different problem. Developmental toys make kids more attentive. Children learn to focus on things. They also learn the language earlier.

Advantages of hand eye coordination toy:

  • Improves reaction;
  • Improves academic skills;
  • Increases productivity.

Developmental toys help children to learn multitasking.

It is also recommended to incorporate Waldorf puzzle into playtime that presents many benefits for early childhood development. Yourkid should begin with outlines of simple shapes that should fit their cutouts and then go to more complicated tasks – complex silhouettes of real things that require more consideration.

Benefits of Waldorf puzzle include development of:

  • Physical skills;
  • Cognitive skills;
  • Emotional skills.

Wooden Waldorf puzzle is a self-correcting educational tool. The child manipulates with each piece and sees if the solution is correct. The piece either fits the space or not. Children turn, test and try different variants until they find the right one. It helps to develop critical thinking.

Waldorf puzzle

Puzzles are effective for development of Autistic children and children with delayed development. For instance, such toys help to improve language skills. The child is encouraged to ask for certain piece when playing together with other children. It is necessary to describe the piece you want. Children do it playfully without tension.

AnyWaldorf puzzle contributes to development of basic math concepts. Children learn to classify and organize things, refer them to categories.

EducationalWaldorf puzzleis an excellent hand eye coordination toy. Apart from development of physical skills, this toy develops persistence. The kid learns to accomplish tasks. When puzzle is solved, the kid feels independent and this boosts his self-esteem.

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