How to Choose a Good Toy for Your Child

How to Choose a Good Toy for Your Child

This is a common parents’ mistake to think that toys are just things to play with. Loving parents try to buy expensive toys for their kids. High price implies that toy should be battery-operated. If you look at the toys of modern toddlers, you will find many electronic toys among them with lights, sounds and music. Such toys beep, bloop, buzz, move, light up and usually turn into useless trash as soon as batteries run out. Parents actually find them annoying and rarely replace the batteries in them.

As for the specialists, they find such toys unnecessary and even harmful at times, because when toys do a lot, children do not have to do anything. Electronic toys mainly entertain kids, who are distracted and mesmerized by toy. However, they do not help to develop imagination and creativity. They are not so useful as stacking toys, which despite their simplicity awaken imagination in children and develop their creativity. Stacking toys make children active participants of the playing process and not just the recipient as it happens when they play battery operated toys.

Stacking toys

Just like the muscle needs training to be strong, the brain needs practicing. Therefore a good toy is not the one that entertains the child and keeps it engaged but the one that helps children to develop their abilities, sharpen attention skills and learn to stay focused on the activity. Even simple wooden stacking toys can be used imaginatively in multiple ways.

If you want your baby to derive maximum benefit from playtime, pay attention to simpler options. We also offer to consider Waldorf stacking toys – ideal choice for creative playtime that keep your children entertained for hours. There are a lot of advantages of Waldorf stacking toys:

  • They are eco-friendly and organic. Such toys nourish senses.

The materials that are usually used for production of Waldorf stacking toys are cotton, wood, silk, wool. You may think that caring about such aspect you care about the environment only, but this is not so. Sensory experience is very important in early childhood therefore such toys are perfect for kids. Toys made of natural materials nourish senses of children. They like softness and warmth of natural material. This experience soothes the baby. For instance, wooden stacking toys present a good example of eco-friendly toy.

  • They are attractive.

Much attention is paid to beauty when Waldorf stacking toysare crafted. It is important to create beautiful environment for children and this referred to playthings as well. It helps to develop aesthetic awareness. Compare beautiful handcrafted Waldorf stacking house with mass-produced plastic house. Which toy is more preferable for kids? The answer is evident.

  • These toys inspire imagination.

When something is not finished, our brain determines that and starts working over it. This ability of the brain to strive to complete something can be used for development of the child. Therefore stacking toys are so good. They offer unformed toys and child uses to make what he or she wants.

Waldorf dolls, for instance, do not have a lot of detail. These dolls can be even without faces. This is a purposeful minimalism. In accordance with Waldorf concept, toys should be open-ended and child should always contribute to it. When little girl gets doll without face, It helps her to cultivate inner picturing ability. When the child gets toy with a smile, this is not natural. The doll can only smile and does not other emotions. This is far from life. Therefore kids do not need highly detailed faced, which limit their imagination. Waldorf toys express a whole range of emotions thanks to lack of details on the face. They give children freedom to create their happy or sad stories.

  • Toys help to develop physical skills.

Staking toys contribute to development of cognitive, fine motor and other skills.

wooden stacking toys

Contrary to what parents usually think, children do not need tech gadgets – they do not attract them when they are so small.

When you buy a toy for your child you should look, if it is aesthetically pleasing, natural, inspires imagination and develops physical skills. Let us study, for instance, Waldorf stacking house that meets all these criteria. Natural wooden toy without chemicals on it can be even used as a teether. No paint, varnish or glue makes this wooden toy entirely natural. Waldorf stacking houseis an excellent option if you look for the gift.

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