First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party

So, you are about to celebrate the first birthday party for your little one. That’s fantastic! But have you thought of the primary things you need to look for while planning the first eventful party? There! You need to invest a lot of time, chalking out your strategies first. Even better, discuss it with the person you are most comfortable with- your spouse, your best friend, maybe your mom. This certainly gives more perspectives.

Timing is significant

Do keep in mind, though, that this is the first birthday party for your child. Obviously, you are going to invite a number of kids to the celebration. Toddlers lose out on their energies pretty fast and their attention span too happens to be extremely short. Therefore, the best thing could be to limit the party-time to an hour, or an additional half hour at the most. Another important thing to consider is the timing- the baby should have had a sound sleep before the party begins. Lack of sleep can make the child extremely irritable.

Ward off Unnecessary Crowd

The baby, however amiable, social and receptive it is, does not enjoy way too much attention, or being cuddled in superfluous ways. It is imperative that you- and your spouse, as parents, would be expected to take care of the guests and mingle with them. So, make sure you have somebody around, who is familiar with the child and the child is comfortable with. A single unfortunate incident can ruin the entire party and eventually the whole environment. You don’t want a bunch of kids wailing away!

Hire a Babysitter

As already mentioned, the baby needs constant attention. It would be a great idea to hire a babysitter when you are planning such a party. That way, half your worries are already sorted out!  

Give the Toddlers a Play Zone

It’s a party for the babies and toddlers, after all. The little ones, more than anything, need their own play zone. Mark one cozy corner of your drawing room as a play zone for the little ones. Keeping the area barricaded with the furniture around, can ensure they remain confined to the area and you won’t have to worry much about their safety.

Toy it Up

You can have a lot of toys around. Make sure you have enough baby teethers, stacking toys and sundry wooden toys for babies in the play zone. You need to have the kind of toys, kids in the age group would enjoy. Make sure the play zone does not have latex balloons and other harmful stuff. Mylar balloons are great for the occasion. So are wooden baby toys and rattles. They are safe and you don’t need to bat an eye about them!

Right Food for the Right Mood

A party of this nature should have food for both children and adults. Though not an arduous task, make sure you have the right combination. Keep it simple for the kids- just make sure you have colorful, exciting food with well-known and lovable ingredients and flavors, and more importantly, healthy.

So, go ahead and plan well. Make your little one feel more loved and gorgeous, throwing his first birthday party!

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