Incredible value of wooden toys

Incredible value of wooden toys

If we analyze different learning resources, we can come to unexpected conclusion: modern, sophisticated toys may not bring the desired result in comparison with solutions we have had for ages. As far as educational value is concerned, the leading place is taken by wooden baby toys. Wooden toys of basic shapes are often the first toys of your kid and they often prefer them. The reason for this phenomenon is explained below.

Bigger size matters

Toys from wood are tactile and have more weight in comparison with plastic toys. Logic suggests that a baby, whose hands are weak, should prefer a lightweight object because it is easier to hold it but in reality this is not so. Babies prefer bigger weight in toys. It helps children to become more aware of the playing process. They need something substantial to explore it.

If you need educational toys, wooden toys are the best for many reasons. Just a few observations in favor of this choice:

  • Wooden toys are natural.
  • They are non-toxic.
  • Their educational value has stood the test of time.
  • Simplicity of natural toys helps to understand the basic things of the world.
  • Children like natural smell of baby toys. Wooden things attract them.

This short list mentions only the physical parameters. There are a lot other benefits not mentioned here.

Quality is of primary concern

Parents should pay utmost attention to quality of toys. The selection of materials is so wide nowadays. It can make any person confused. As for the baby toys, wooden things present a safe option. Toys manufacturers use the best types of wood to produce harmless toys. Only natural materials are used for their polishing and coloring.

When designers develop baby toys, wooden toys are often created for smallest babies and toddlers as the safest toys for children. Children should never be exposed to toys that pose threat to little ones. Baby toys should not have sharp corners and small pieces that can be easily swallowed. Simple design of wooden toys is the most preferable. Such toys meet of safety requirements. No piece can be broken off.

wooden baby toys

Parents may not worry about their babies, when they play toys from wood. Wooden toys of supreme quality is the best gift you can make for your kid.

Best toys for keeping children engaged

Why do many parents prefer to buy electronic toys? It seems to them that they can keep children’s attention better. They make noise, light thus easily attracting baby’s attention. Children focus on new visual and auditory stimuli. But it is not enough just to attract it. Toys should keep it and entertain babies for a long time. At first glance, electronic toys should be the winners here, but even in this aspect wooden toys take the lead.

The article published in monthly medical journal JAMA Pediatrics revealed the results of the experiment conducted by American researchers. 26 families participated in it. All these families had children aged 10-16 months old. Children played with electronic toys, traditional toys such as wooden puzzles, and board books with color themes. According to observations, playing with electronic toys makes children more passive. They pronounced fewer words and the game seldom turned into conversation. Traditional toys and books make children more active and creative.

Electronic toys are expensive and often promoted as educational but their use is not justified as traditional inexpensive toys that demonstrate more effective interaction and better development. It is useful to read for little children to promote language facilitating activities. In this way, the best thing you can do to develop your children is to read books for them and let them play educational toys. Wooden toys should be given a priority at that.

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