Big amazonian tree puzzle set

$99.99 weight: 2.15lb

If you are looking for some unusual toys for your kid, our Amazonian puzzle set is the right way to go. Your little explorer will learn a lot of interesting things about Amazonian flora and fauna, which is very rare to come across in real life. Bright and eye-catching colors will draw his or her attention, helping to differentiate between colors, shapes and sizes.

The tree puzzle is 30cm /12 inches high. The puzzle includes the tree itself and 7 animals and birds: 

 - blue macaw

 - green parrot

 - spider monkey

 - margay

 - coati

 - kinkajou

 - sloth

You may buy the tree puzzle itself or complement it with some typically Amazonian creatures like:

- Amazonian tortoise

- Tapir

- Capybara

- Anaconda

- Anteater

- Iguana

The tree puzzle + 6 animals will form our Big Amazonian Set.

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Material ashwood, organic linseed oil, water-based paints
Dimensions 30cm /12 inches high
Age 3+ years
Packaging Most toys arrive ready to give in a kraft box. We will be happy to add a gift note at no charge if being sent as a gift. Just let us know what to write in the "notes to seller" box at checkout. The invoice is never included in the gift package.
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