Wooden Big Sea Animals Toy Set

$77.99 weight: 1.32lb

Those children who love the ocean and sea creatures would be thrilled with our Big Sea Set. These wooden ocean toys are perfect for imaginative play and vocabulary enrichment, while they can also foster curiosity and love for science.

Your child can become a mermaid, riding a whale or dancing with a shark. Or, your child can be a conservationist, working hard to preserve the wildlife of the Earth’s oceans and seas.

The parents can read some cool facts about these sea animal toys and tell stories to their children. Afterward, the child can act as an aquarium keeper, telling their friends all the cool stuff about its inhabitants.

This helps a toddler build up on the relevant content vocabulary. This way, they can practice storytelling and conversational skills, while mixing together both new and existing vocabulary.

The set includes 12 sea creatures and a coral reef puzzle. 

1. Blue whale

2. Shark

3. Orca

4. Dolphin

5. Sea turtle

6. Octopus

7. Jellyfish

8. Manta ray

9. Seastar

10. Seahorse

11. Sea snail

12. Crab

You may buy the whole set or its elements. 

This set would be a great addition to any Waldorf nature table or play space.

Let your child explore the ocean world in the most exciting way with our Big Sea Set!

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Material ashwood, organic linseed oil, watercolor paints
Age 3+ years
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