African Safari animals play set

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Adventurous Wooden Safari Set

What can be more exciting than a thrilling adventure to the heart of Africa? We offer you a great chance to meet some of the rarest creatures on earth without leaving your apartment. Our wooden safari playset introduces a diverse selection of African animals. Your kids will enjoy playing those funny colored figurines and pretend they are in Madagascar cartoon together with their favorite characters.

Made of 100% eco-friendly materials, our wooden safari set consists of 12 different African animals in addition to four trees with inhabitants like parrots and monkeys. Our toys will let you recreate a piece of the African continent at your home introducing different species and widening your children’s knowledge about the faraway part of the world.

Great Safari Toys Made of Wood

Benefit from practically all types of animals that can be found on the African continent. The playing set introduces:

-          Water animals and snakes such as cobra, turtle or crocodile. They are designed in the most entertaining manner. Your kids will never get scared.

-          African predators including tiger and lion, who is the king of the animals.

-          Large animals including gorillas, rhinos and hippos.

-          Exotic animals represented by giraffe, zebra or camel.

You are free to buy the entire set at once or each and every wooden animal separate. Do not miss our collection of Safari trees. The selection includes baobabs and palm trees with coconuts in addition to tree wooden models with monkeys and parrots.

They are designed in the form of a puzzle game. Your kids may choose to play with its different parts putting them together to form a tree with its inhabitants and smaller elements. For instance, the monkey can easily live the palm tree in search of new friends around other animals from the toy set.

Exclusive Wooden Safari Toys

The gaming set was designed as an educational and entertaining wooden kit. Your kids can play and widen their knowledge about Africa at the same time. Feel free to implement different gaming strategies like “guess the animal by sound” or link the scenario to the plot of popular cartoons like Lion King or Madagascar.

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The set includes 12 Safari creatures and 4 trees.

1. Elephant
2. Giraffe
3. Lion
4. Tiger
5. Hippo
6. Rhino
7. Zebra
8. Crocodile
9. Turtle
10. Cobra
11. Camel
12. Gorilla


1. Tree with a parrot
2. Tree with a monkey
3. Baobab
4. Palm tree with coconuts

You may buy the whole set or its elements.

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Material ashwood, cold-pressed linseed oil, non-toxic paints
Age 3+ years
Packaging Most toys arrive ready to give in a kraft box. We will be happy to add a gift note at no charge if being sent as a gift. Just let us know what to write in the "notes to seller" box at checkout. The invoice is never included in the gift package.


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