• Handmade wooden toys

    Our store boasts a wide range of various handmade wooden toys that are durable and non-toxic.You can find various animal figurines, including Farm animals, Forest animals, Safari animals and Arctic animals. These are elegant animal “totems” that are so cool that you might want to get some of them for your own work desk or a coffee table ;)In addition, we have various types of wooden toys for newborns and infants, including teethers, rattles and much more. All toys are made from the toughest types of wood, which never splinter or break away. The natural texture will give your baby’s aching gums the right sort of massage.We are sure that you will find the right kind of toys for your kids. If any have failed to find some particular product that you need, just give us an email and we will quickly come back to you with a suggestion.Our toys will make wonderful baby shower, birthday or Christmas gifts. We hope your kids will enjoy our eco friendly toys made with love!


What are wooden Waldorf toys?

The Waldorf education methodology seeks to make education make more closer to students, to empower them to take part in various activities, to help them learn about new things and the world around them.

The Waldorf education seeks to engage students in various activities, make them see the beauty of the world around them and promote creative play. The Waldorf kindergartens usually have lots of natural wooden toys, displays of various toys and pinecones in every classroom. Sometimes, children can work together with teachers, cooking, sewing and doing handicrafts.

Today, there is around 1,000 Waldorf kindergartens and schools around the world with the movement growing in popularity every year. These educational institutions are very different from conventional schools as they promote hands-on activities, focus on artistic development and freedom to disagree with other students or teachers. Teaching in line with Waldorf methods can make a real difference in your child’s ability to adapt, empathize and respect differing opinions otherwise. Thus, students learn to be more tolerant and striving to work together with people around them rather than compete for the highest mark.

What are the coolest things you can do here?

  • You can engage your kid to set up a nature table, just going along with what he or she wants to do. This can be a real deal since you child will see that you actually like what she’s done (and YOU WILL;)) and since your child is the one that leads the process.
  • You can just buy a set of animal toys from wood and various fixtures and see what your child wants to do with them.
  • You can practice storytelling skills, talking to your kid about various creatures or asking him or her to mimic the sounds of various wooden baby toys. For some reason, it can be cooler to talk about “contour-ish” handicrafts than realistic plastic surrogates. Probably, this is because there’s much more space or imagination in the first case.

Wooden educational toys

We have a wide range of various stackers, puzzles and other wooden educational toys. These help your child develop such important skills as contemplation, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills. And, most importantly, it’s fun.

Kids like two things most: having fun and learning stuff that they want to learn. Oh, ice cream, too.

If you manage to bring together fun and learning coo stuff, you struck gold.

Sensory and no-brand wooden toys

Wooden sensory (tactile) handicrafts can seem as a nuisance, but in fact the very idea that toys can be made from wood (who would think!) can help your child arrive to the concepts of nature and humanity. These concepts are so basic that we are starting to lose them.

The best thing about these wooden baby knickknacks is that they have no brands, no affiliation with cartoons or movies. They have a “clean identity”. This means that such wooden toys for kids will not pressurize your son or daughter into loving some toys because everybody does. This sends a strong signal in favor of independent opinion and readiness to fight for your beliefs.

Wooden toys are never ready to be consumed

The toys from wood are never to be consumed. These are not slick plastic or foam surrogates. Your child actually needs to “breathe life” into them. He or she will need to decide, how and in what context they are to use these children wooden handicrafts.

One thing is clear – these toys are very different from what you see in every store!